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Me and Alison
22 August 2007

we have been together for two years now and still fuck as much as we can, ali is a very sexual person and has had more cock than I have had cunt,we have both had same sex partners before and telling each other about these times always makes us hard and wet, the last time we sat and spoke it went like this.
"tell me about you and that girl Nic"
"we were out clubbing and had a few drinks,and we were really in the mood for some hard cock,I had a dance with a guys and felt a stiff prick rubbing my cunt as we danced, a bit of a snog and a quick feel of each other was all it turned out,he fingered me and I wanked him off up a ally, Nic was having no luck, she like me she was feeling randy as hell "my knickers are so fucking wet I really need something in me and soon" she said, there must have been at least 20 blokes who would have died for a bit of Nics cunt, "how about my fingers and face" I said laughing "yes please, that sounds like a nice idea, lets get out of here a go home and explore each other inside and out."
"This was the first time for both of us and the feeling was one of excitment and also both of us were worried the other one was joking, there was no need to have worrie because as we sat in the taxi on the way home Nic placed her hand on my knee and let her hand slide up and inside my skirt, I then placed my hand on her leg and felt her warm thigh and let my little finger rub her wet knickers. As soon as we walked in the front door we kissed for the first time"
By now with Alison telling me her story my cock was hard in my jeans. "get your hard prick out I want to see you wanking yourself as I tell you the rest of my story, its making me wet, when you have cum you can tell me your story while I wank myself off.
"we fell in to the room our arms pulling each others t-shirts off and sucking each others tits hers were a bit bigger than mine and her nipples were hard in my mouth, would you like to look at my tits as you wank? I nodded and she pulled her top off, she felt her nipples and sucked one, I could feel the cum in my cock was ready to explode I stopped I wanted to hear more.
"I pushed her back on the sofa and felt under her skirt I pulled her knickers down and pushed my face into her wet cunt I tasted a woman for the first time and it was so fucking good, I stood up and took off my skirt and knickers, going behind Nic I stood over her and lowerd my cunt on to her face she licked me and I lay forward and licked her, I could feel her mouth lick my arse and I came like never before, as I did I felt her shake and she stuck her long nails in me as she came in my mouth with a moan"
that was to much for me, seeing her sitting there with her beautiful breasts on show and her hand inside her jeans, I shot my cum all over myself.
"that has really got me going, don't clean yourself up just tell me your story I need to wank myself"
"He's name was Rob and we like you to were old mates, we had both had girlfriends and he was married, his wife Debbie worked in a office and Rob done shift work, I was on nights and we would meet up some afternoons for a couple of beers and to shoot some pool. we sat in the bar talking and I kept noticing he was rubbing his cock through he trouses "dont wank off in the pub I joked," "No I will when I get home though, that girl behind the bar is really turning me on if I was single I would be on that,"
we left the pub about an hour later and went to Robs flat for a coffee, he walked in and phoned his wife he said he would pick her up normal time and hung up," fancy watching a blue film?" " why still feeling randy?" "I really fancy a wank, as soon as you have gone I'll have one" "why wait, lets watch the film and have one together" "that sounds really horney, have you ever seen another man wank before" "no but there is always a first time"
He walked over and put the film on I dont know why I looked at his bum and felt a small move in my boxershorts.
"so how are we going to do this" he asked.
"just relax and lets see what happens"
Alison let out a small groan and stood up and removed her jeans and knickers, she lay back and slid a couple of fingers inside herself,"tell me more, I am so turned on"
"we sat down like two naughty boys a looked at the screen, a woman was being fucked by 3 blokes and it was really hardcore stuff, I could not take my eyes off the cock that she was wanking, I heard Rob undo his zip and felt him take his cock out, I had a look at his prick it was twice the size of mine, I unzipped my self and started to wank, one eye on the screen one one the big cock next to me,I felt his leg next to mine and my prick got even harder, then Rob placed his hand on my chest, I turned and looked at him and we kissed I felt his hand slide down my body and he took my cock in his hand and started to wank me, I took his big fat jucie cock in my hand but I wanted more and took him in my mouth and sucked his beautiful prick, we stopped and removed all our clothes and walked naked into his bedroom, he fell to his kness and took my cock in his mouth, we then got on the bed and lay there sucking each other I wanted him to cum in my mouth I needed to cum in his,I could not stop a shot in to his mouth, the cum was around his lips and we kissed again,he then turned me over and spread my ares cheeks apart I felt the tip of his big cock on my ares hole, He slid in to me the pain was to much but I didn't want him to stop he pushed hard and I felt him cum"
Alison was red in the face and the wetness of her cunt was easy to see, "you look like you have turned yourself on get over here and fuck me you dirty queer cunt" I got on her and fucked her hard< I felt her hand on my arse and then she stuck a finger up me and I came in her, "now fucking get down there and lick my cunt and make me cum,and dont stop till I say" I could taste my cum and her juice mixed together she let out a scream and we lay together spent.
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