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The Tribesmen
13 October 2007

Tonight our party of anthropologists journeyed to a remote village where we were to be the guests of a tribe that regards white women as goddesses of fertility. I had read about them for my PhD a few years before, and was excited to have the chance of seeing them in their own habitat.
They knew we were coming and we were treated to a gigantic feast. The young men waited on us. They were hunters: incredibly athletic, tall and lean. Although the children and women were clothed, the men were naked. I couldnít take my eyes off them. Their penises were extremely large. They hung like batons between their legs and gleamed in the moonlight. Each one had its own scent, and whenever one of them came near, I became heady.
At the end of the meal, a prayer was said and the four women were separated from the rest of the group. We were each led to small huts by three hunters.
I found myself being undressed by three beautiful naked black men. One removed my boots and socks, another unbuttoned my shirt and the third pulled down my shorts. I was trembling, like putty in their enormous, warm hands. I stood there in my bra and panties. Between my legs, I was growing damp. They surveyed me, approvingly. Most women in the tribe are large, with small breasts. I am slim, with a 32E bust. They approached me again and wanted to remove my bra. When they couldnít unhook it, one of them simply tore it off. My panties were removed. I could hear moans of pleasure from the other huts.
My three were taking their time. They stood back and admired my body, as if it were a sculpture. One of them took a handful of my long, dark hair. I could see their penises were hardening, gaining length and girth. They asked me to lie down on a large carved table. One of them fetched a bottle of oil, and they each took some in their hands. Then I felt their hands upon me, all over me. They were to give me a full body massage. Their movements were slow, lingering, appreciative. Hands went where they wanted: over my breasts, under my bottom, between my legs. One stood at the top of the table, behind my head, and leant over me to reach my breasts. His hands encompassed my breasts tenderly but urgently. He traced circles around my areolae, which are wide and dark and seemed to fascinate him.
I couldnít believe what was happening. These men were worshipping me, making love to me. I closed my eyes and drank in the sensation of their command over my body. I submitted to them, opening my legs and stretching my arms behind my head. The two further down explored my inner thighs. Occasionally their fingertips swept through my damp mop of pubic hair, but they never sought out my vagina or clitoris. How I longed for them to do so. Wetness was seeping from me. The need in me was great. I was being readied, I realised, for insemination. The sounds from the other huts told me that my colleagues were already being comprehensively penetrated.
The man above me continued to manhandle my breasts. His cock was very close to my face. I could smell it, feel its presence. I looked up at him, raised my hands behind me and reached for his shaft. I found it, with both hands, and gasped at its heat and size and weight. It hardened at my touch. I pulled it up so that it flopped over my face. Its scent was intoxicating. He moaned as I desperately tried to kiss the shaft, but he pulled it away, denying me, and continued to tease my aching breasts.
I was about to pass out from the indescribable pleasure, and the ache that had developed in my nipples, vagina and womb. When I lay limp, they took me. At a signal, they stopped their massage and went around between my legs. Their hands descended on my sex, their fingers probed my vagina gently and spread my lips. I spread my legs still further, inviting them to go further. My clitoris was flicked, rubbed and caressed.
The most all-consuming orgasm was rising inside me. I was moaning loudly. And then I felt a mouth on my sex, and a tongue on my clitoris. Some thumbs spread my pussy. The others placed their hands on my breasts and held me down. After just a few strokes of his tongue against my clitoris, I climaxed with a force Iíll never forget. My body shuddered, my breasts shook, and I let out a piercing scream. When I recovered I was almost crying with the pleasure that was lingering in my body.
The time had come for them to take their pleasure with me. And I wanted nothing else than that. I opened my eyes to see them all holding their erections aloft for my inspection. All three cocks were enormous, the size of my forearm. Their balls hung like bags of black gold below their shafts. They wanted to know which I wanted first. I reached out and touched each one in turn, running my fingertips over the swollen, shining glans and all the way down the shaft, before weighing and squeezing their testicles in my hand. Each young man moaned deeply and clear liquid oozed from the tip of each penis. They had pleasured me and now I would pleasure them.
I chose one, the smallest of the three, although his erect penis was a good 10 inches in length. He nodded obediently and stationed himself at the end of the table. I opened my legs wide and braced myself. I felt him place the tip of his cock at the entrance to my vagina at last, and I yelped as the reality of his size reached its destination. He pushed and my vagina stretched to accommodate him. The other two were either side of me, and I gripped their arms as this thick baton of flesh worked its way slowly up into me. Iíd never experienced a penis this large. It seemed to take an age. He was reaching zones inside me that had never been touched. His cock pushed against my cervix, and still it kept going.
My vagina was at full stretch. I was gasping. I was being invaded. I raised my legs and his hands gripped my hips. Inch by inch, he inserted his entire penis, until his giant balls rested against my bottom. I could hardly breathe. He remained embedded inside me, still, deep, deep inside me, and locked my eyes with his gaze. Time stood still. All I could feel was this vast column of hot, hard flesh vibrating inside me. I was simply a sheath for this mighty cock. I felt utterly subservient to it. I flexed my pussy muscles and shifted my hips slightly. He groaned and I thought he might come, but he slowly withdrew, and began to make long, full strokes of his penis. Each time he penetrated me fully. He was slow and deliberate, savouring each stroke. Each time, my body gripped his shaft and tried not to let it go. He was insistent, swinging in and out of me in perfect rhythm. His friends watched and murmured occasionally. I could only whimper each time he plunged into me.
It continued for maybe 20 minutes. I knew they had no knowledge of contraception and that this man was probably going to ejaculate inside me. How did I feel? I felt whole. Iíd never felt so womanly, so female. Pleasing these extraordinary men was all I cared about. I wanted to make them come, I wanted to consume their sperm and bear their children. I wanted to cook for them, comfort them, tend to their bodies and ride their enormous cocks all night every night.
The man inside me quickened his strokes slightly, placed his hands on the table either side of me and closed his eyes. He began to recite what sounded like a prayer. I realised that this was a spiritual experience for him and that he was approaching its climax. I wrapped my legs around his hips and held his sides, encouraging him, pulling him towards me. His cock was so hot and big inside me. I felt his strokes shorten and shorten until he was only withdrawing three or four inches before surging back. He was grunting, beast-like.
One arm went around my waist, the other under my bottom, as he buried his great cock inside me. I put my hands on his bottom and, with a great guttural shout, he exploded inside me, sending streams of thick sperm cascading into my womb. I screamed long and hard, and held him tightly, my legs still clamped like steel around him. His cock pulsated inside me for at least a minute. Another orgasm swept over me as the sperm continued to flow, hard against the roof of my womb. He was inexhaustible, his penis pumping away and his balls emptying their great load into my hungry vagina.
I never wanted it to stop. And it didnít. As soon as he withdrew, the next took his turn. And he was even bigger than the first, 11 or 12 inches. Again, a metronomic rhythm was established, followed by a vigorous pounding of my pussy. I was at fever pitch, writhing around on this gargantuan, ever-present, unremitting cock. I grabbed the largest shaft waiting at my side and began licking and sucking its tip. I grabbed the first cock, too, and masturbated it hard. I was pleasuring all three at once, and I climaxed again at the joy. The second man poured his load into me and set me off again.
Finally, the third man took his turn with me. He picked me up like a doll, carried me to a mattress in the corner and made me straddle him. He wanted to enjoy my breasts. I rode his cock as hard as I could and as I did so he cupped my breasts in his hands and sucked my nipples hard. This was new: a different position and a different form of stimulation. His lips would encompass a nipple and his tongue flicked the tip. It was delicious. After a while on one he would switch to the other. All the time, I was sliding up and down his formidable penis, which was triggering new sensations inside me.
Now I was fucking him - but I was still at his mercy, such was the presence inside me. It took me a while to be able to take his entire shaft. When I did I felt like dying. It was more pleasure than any woman could handle, and I would gladly have ended my life there and then, on his vast, exquisite member. I sat up and forced my body down onto him, impaling myself on him. His cock was like a vibrating post of flesh, reaching into the very core of my body, dominating my soul. I surrendered to it, and my body jumped and jerked and twisted on his cock, my breasts shaking and evading his grasp, until I reached yet another phenomenal orgasm. When I sank down into him, he roared like a lion and released a torrent of sperm into the upper reaches of my womb. His hands clamped my hips like a vice, his penis fully enclosed and gripped tight by my quivering vagina. I couldnít move: my body faced the full force of this Herculean orgasm. I felt like I might burst as he continued to unleash volley after volley of hot, hard sperm into me.
Eventually, he subsided, and his cock slowly wilted. I kept him inside me, I didnít want to let him go. I fell onto him, kissing him passionately, feverishly. It was nearly sunrise. I was in shock, I think, and I passed in and out of consciousness. I could hear Michael outside, demanding to see if I was alright. But they wouldnít let him in. The three men took their turns to lie with me, caressing me and kissing my face. I would stir, check which ine was with me and instinctively reach for his penis. All night I clutched at engorged black penises, not wanting to let them go. Occasionally I would give one a little loving suck and make its owner murmer in his sleep.
Around midday, the three men said a prayer to me and allowed Roger and Steve in to get me. I struggled - I didnít want to leave my African princes - but they put some clothes on me and put me in the jeep with the others.
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