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Caught by Security Patrol
10 November 2007

This was about 5 yrs ago, I was 45 size 12 36B 30 38 long blonde hair in great shape for my age. My husband 'B' has an engineering co we both work there this day he'd gone for lunch on his own. When he came back he said how do you fancy going for a drink tonite I thought you were painting the kitchen I'am he said. What do you mean I said he explained that he'd been talking to someone called Paul a guy in his early 30s that he spoke to quite offen when he's on his own and I must have seen him he was sure he'd let on when I was with him. Anyway Paul was saying he had the task of trying to organize a stag night and was strugling to get a stripper or at least one that would make sure the grooms wedding tackle was working B shown him the photo of me topless on his phone. Saying how about 10yrs ago I'd worked as a topless barmaid and stripper and I enjoy coming home from a night out with cum running down my thighs.

B dropped me of about 8ish I was a bit overdressed for a pub on the edge of an industrial aera, wearing a red short dress black jacket knee high boots black bra,stockings and suspenders and lacy pants. All eyes seamed to focus on me luckly Paul was already there, we chated over a couple of drinks the subject got round to what kind of strip act I would do and how far I would go with the groom he explained it was a private room with about 30 guests. Then he said B intermated that you mite give me a preview I said well I'am not stripping of in here and it was raining so outside was out his car was only a small hatchback being married his house was out as I had my keys with me I sujested the office.

Once inside I took my jacket of followed by my dress enough or do you want to see more, more was his reply I removed my bra and pants well will I do, yes, your tits are still quite firm surpose you want a feel as I walk towards him his hands were soon fondling my breasts and arse I dropped to my knees unzipping his jeans taking his cock out and wrapping my lips round his growing end, I had been suching and licking his cock for about 5 mins when we heared the door open and a voice call out I've got a dog come out. It was George the security patrol I'd switched the alarm off but forgot to call to say I was on the premises, is that you Joyce he said as he came in the office not sure if it was just the natural thing or the arrival of George and his dog but Paul erouped into my mouth as Goerge a black guy in his late 50s came in. As I stood up cum dribling from my mouth Goerge said this is going to make an interesting insident report go and put the dog in the van George. Paul was on his was to recovering when George came back in I sat on the edge of the desk pushing Pauls head down on my pussy as I reached to Goerges crouch saying I'am sure this dosen't need a report as I releast his cock which in a semi hard state was over 8in and my fingers wouldn't go round I lay back accross the desk to get my mouth down to his monster I bearly got the end in my mouth as it firmed up to 11in and almost 3in thick my juices were now running into Pauls mouth as my mouth,tongue and both hands were working on Goerges buitiful cock this guy had been our security patrol for about 7 yrs though we only see him a couple of times a year I was still thinking how much pleasure this monster could been giving me. Paul moved up sliding his cock towards my cunt saying I'am going to fuck you before that streaches you. George's cum flooded into my mouth and across my face as I licked him clean George asked where dose B think you are tonite, out stripping and fucking Paul he arranged it. As George guieded his monster to my pussy he said ever had a black cock before he looked suprised as I said yeh dozens as he eased his cock slowley into my soaking pussy saying how he'd keep saying to himself I fancy some of that arse but it's the bosses wife now here I am fucking her white pussy. I cum 3 times while he fucked me his cock was presing on my clit.

George tensed and stiffened as he emptied him balls deep in my pussy Paul was now standing with a flag pole as he watched George fuck me you wont even feel this now he said, I rolled of the desk leaning forward resting my hands on the desk I said fuck my arse he pushed 3 fingers up my cunt then used the juices to lub my arsehole before pushing his 6ins up my arse George was playing with my clit as he said I didn't realise you were a slut I told him all the lads at work fuck me he said I'll have to make more visits during the day I said your'll have to call first. Why, I explained that B dosen't like to see me being fucked he has seen photos and a vidio but wont watch but he likes to fuck me with other mens cum running out of my pussy and drying all over my body. Paul shoot his load up my arse as my juices flooded over Goerges hand as I went to stand up George said no stay there as he entered my pussy from behind ahd gave me a good hard fast fuck pulling his cock out while it was still cuming covering my inner thighs and arse in his hot cum Paul was already dresses I reached into my draw for a box of tissues Goerge said no don't wipe it put you knickers on the thought of you going home to B with you knickers sticking to with my cum 'll keep me hard all night. As we locked up Goerge said he looked forward to calling in office hours and fucking me again I said don't forget to phone first. Paul dropped me of round the corner from home and said he call me with the stag do details, the old man enjoyed peeling my pants of and fucking me with there cum ousing out of my well fucked pussy though it took it a few days to come back to normal after Goerges monster's stretching. George still gives me a good stretching 3 or 4 times a year in july I saw his van pull up he hadn't rung but B was out so I took my knickers of and stood behind the door holding it open with my knickers hanging from my finger as I heared him come in the front door I said what happened to the call as he said this is Sam he will be covering while I'am on holiday as I looked round the door to see them both, Sam said thats some greating thumbling what to say I just blurted Goerge normals phone to say he's coming if my husbands out the office he fucks me as he hadn't called when I saw his van I was just showing him the coast was clear, well as there of now you can watch or join in Sam I said so I got 2 cocks.
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