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50 yo Ex Wife gangbanged
24 November 2007

My ex wife "Dusty" not her real name ; called me up out of the blue and wanted to know if i wanted to go see a local band she liked.
This in itself isn't too strange except for the fact that our marriage ended badly. Dusty had a bad habit of fucking my friends behind my back and when I found out ; we divorced. She got the house and just about anything else she wanted. I got the shaft .
So I was surprised to hear her voice on the other end of the phone and told her I would take her to the club to see the band. Dusty likes her drink especially Vodka and once she starts she has a hard time stopping. She gets loose and sloppy at the least.
I picked her up at my old house around 8PM and we went to the club to see the band. " Dusty " is 50 years old ; 5 '9" 130 lb.. She has long black hair ; a great ass and legs and medium size tits. Her face is real nice for 50 with high cheek bones and
brown eyes. She really looks about 38 not 50. Seeing her dance and watching her at the club made me really horny but I still had a deep anger for what she did to me. I figured at the least I would try to get her loosened up and go for a BJ or whatever else I could get from her. About 10 p.m. ; Dusty was in her party mode ; flirting with anyone who gave her attention and letting guys feel her ass when they danced. Thats when I decided to take her somewhere else. Somewhere a lot different I knew about that had dancers but this place does not serve alcohol due to New Jersey laws. You can bring your own alcohol inside the club ; they charge you a cover fee and serve soft drinks. There are tables all around the bar where the dancers perform , and a back room for couch dancing. Attached to the Bar is a motel, a really sleazy motel for bachelor parties and a place to keep drinking or to get high. The club is very close to Philadelphia on the South Jersey side of the river. If you around live here you know the place I am talking about.
I asked Dusty if she wanted to go somewhere else and party and she agreed ; but I didn't tell her where; I just drove there and we went in. At first she was a little taken back by all the action but followed me to a small table against the wall. I sat down a pulled her to my lap and she sat there staring all around the room. She was the only woman there not dancing and most of the guys were very young ; in their 20's or early 30's. Dusty let me play with her ass and rub her pussy a little as she just stared at what was going on. It looked like she was hypnotized. I brought a 6 pack in with us so we had a beer ; and i noticed most guys were looking at her . Dusty noticed the looks too and asked me if i came here often. I told her no and if she wanted to leave we would. She said it was ok she never saw the inside of this place and drank her beer. I had a 1/2 pint of Vodka and handed it too her ; she took a big drink of it and I knew I was on my way to showing Dusty a good time.
I got up to go to the mens room and when I returned 3 guys were talking to Dusty about going to smoke a joint. When they saw me come back i was invited too; but I declined as I don't smoke . Dusty asked me if I minded that she go out to their car to smoke and I said it was ok , but one of the guys said that they had a room and it was very cold out so they were going to go there to smoke. Dusty said it would be ok and the guys told me what room they were in. Before they left one of them came up to me and asked if she was my wife , I told him no and that this was a friend ; nothing more. He said that they were a big group of guys and this was a bachelor party for his friend ; and they were staying in 2 rooms at the Bar. I told him that they better not hurt her as I was responsible for her since I picked her up at her house.
I waited 15 minutes ; then decided that they should have been back by now ; so I walked the short distance to the room. The curtains were opened so I could see inside , and there was "Dusty" on her knees sucking this young guys cock. I started to go in the room but decided to watch for a little as I never saw Dusty sucking or fucking another guy. I really don't care about her and she is very hot looking so it made for a good site. The 2 other guys were sitting on the bed watching her eat cock. Then she got up and went over to the bed got between the 2 other guys and rubbed their crotches and they were hard right away. The guy getting the BJ pulled Dusty's top off ; took her red heels off ; pulled her jeans down and there she was ; no panties and a nice black runway for a bush. He put her heels back on and pushed her back on the bed naked but for the red heels. He went down on her pussy and the other 2 guys sucked on her tits. Dusty was really horny and I needed to go inside. I opened the door went in and the 2 guys working on her tits stopped but I gave them the ok, and sat down in the chair to watch the show. The guy eating Dusty got up from her pussy and turned to me ; thanked me for letting her party with them . I told him when she says she had enough that they will need to let her leave. He said he understood and pulled out his cock to fuck her. There was my Ex-wife getting fucked by 3 guys and it was great to see her getting what she loves the most. I could tell by her voice that she was a little sloppy drunk but fully aware of what she was doing . The guy grabbed her red heels ; held her long legs apart and started to fuck her wet cunt hard and the other 2 took out their cocks and Dusty grabbed each and started to suck them off. Dusty was talking all the time ; as usual ; telling them she can't get pregnant so they should cum in her pussy. That drove the first guy fucking her to the edge and he came in her pussy really hard and she was getting off moaning with a cock in her mouth. He got up and went to the bathroom and another guy started to fuck her while the third guy got sucked on. This guy got her up on her knees and drove his cock into her doggy style ; while the other guy got in front for a BJ. Dusty moaning and talking to them all the time.
This was too much for me to watch and not join in but I let her keep going just to see how crazy this bitch was. The first guy came out of the bathroom and asked if everything was ok with me. I told him fine as I stared at her getting fucked and sucking cock. He gave me a beer and asked if it was ok for the groom to fuck her. I said sure; if she will . He pulled out his cell phone and made a call. Next thing I know the door opened up and 6 guys walk in. They shook hands with me and thanked me for letting Dusty party with them. The guy getting a BJ started to cum and they got around the bed and cheered Dusty on telling her to swallow it all. She swallowed all of it and kept sucking on him. He backed out and the guy fucking her started to cum. He pulled out and moved over to her face and blasted her with a big load. Everyone was yelling and clapping. Dusty rolled over on her back and looked up at all the guys ; 9 of them; and then she licked her lips. I knew she was going to get nuts and not back away so they got her on her knees again and another guy got behind her ; and she was facing me with a crazy smile . The guy behind started to rub his cock on her back and ass ; while another guy got a BJ. Dusty pushed him back on the bed and mounted him while the other guy fingered her ass hole. He got her good and wet and started to put his cock in her ass while the guy under her fucked her sloppy cunt. Now she had a cock in both holes and she was grunting like a whore as they fucked her hard. Two more guys moved to the bed to try to get a BJ and Dusty gave them what they wanted. She looked like a real whore ; 4 guys fucking her and 5 more waiting their turn. The guy in her ass started to cum and pulled out showering his cum on her back then rubbed his dick around her asshole. She was moaning loud and they were calling her a slut and a whore. The first guy that fucked her told everyone she was 50 years old and they started calling her a hot Milf and an old cunt. This seemed to get her going even more as Dusty was twice the age of most of them. It looked like she was living out a fantasy. Then the guy fucking her pussy started to cum pulled out and pulled her down by her long hair and blasted her 50 year old mouth and chin. Dusty licked it up and lay on her back with her legs spread wide. She was sloppy wet and still ready for more. One guy got over her face and fucked her mouth as she lay there and another one pulled her legs up and fucked her pussy again. Now there were guys looking in the window from outside to see the show. I had to wonder if anyone recognized her form the bar as she is from the area and works with the public. Dusty didn't seem to be worried so I enjoyed the show. The guy in her mouth pulled out and shot a load in her long black hair while the guy in her cunt came inside her. Dusty was cumming really hard and seemed like she was in her own world. The first guy asked her if she was ok ; she said yes but needed to go get cleaned up. She went to the bathroom in just her heels and when she returned sat on the bed. I asked if she was ready to go and she said yes then lay back down ! I meant to leave the room but she wanted more! What a whore she was ; so I sat back and said give it to her guys she wants more. The original 9 guys all either fucked her pussy or her ass and most got a BJ. There were a few guys watching outside as the curtains were still open but they didn't come in. A guy with an Vodka bottle passed it to Dusty and she took a swig. When it was empty she put it in her cunt for them to watch a little show. She pushed it in and out of her pussy moaning loud and then got up on her knees to fuck the bottle . The bottle seemed to disappear in her big cunt. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing really hard.
Two guys got on each side of the bed and started to make her suck them off , one was slapping her face with his cock calling her an old whore as she held on tight to the bottle in her pussy. The other guy got behind her to fuck her in the ass while she had the bottle in her cunt. He pushed her forward and started to enter her ass as she pulled the bottle out of her stretched cunt. She took his cock in her ass no problem and this guy really slammed her asshole. He was stepping into my ex whore and she was grunting with each thrust of his cock. Everyone was watching this happen and when she started to sound like she was cumming he started to cum too. He came deep in her ass ; pulled out and rubbed his wet cock all around her ass. Dusty was starting to look spent but for 50 years old still good. A younger girl would not be able to handle what she did that night. She lay face down on the bed recovering from this hard anal fucking. The room was full of guys around the bed and loud from all the laughing and cheering . Dusty got up from the bed and walked a little wobbly on her red high heels . She wanted a cigarette and went outside on the balcony nude in the cold and smoked with the guys that were her audience. Everyone was grabbing her tits ass and pussy. When she returned to the room she went to the bed ; got on all fours and another guy fucked her wet sloppy cunt while everyone watching her pussy get fucked from behind. When he came it was on her face. Then they all either got a BJ and came on her face or jerked off on her face. Dusty my ex ; the cum covered mess. With her ass in the air she got them all to cum in her mouth and on her face. The very first guy pulled out a black permanent marker and signed her ass ; then all 9 guys took turns and signed her ass or back. Dusty had names all over her and some even wrote slut and old cunt on her. The party was over now and I made her shower before she got in my car. It was Saturday morning now and a night I will remember forever ; but I am not sure how much "Dusty" will remember.
The real name of the Cafe`is not important and if you live in NJ you know where it is. Dusty''s real name is not important either . I could ruin her forever by telling you her name but I got my revenge. I have pics of her I can post but then you would know her and where she works would be easy to find out. Then again if you ask me and i am in the right mood I may give a photo of her to you. I am sure some one out there has fucked her and maybe this is not the first gangbang she has done. Maybe you have pics for me!
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