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30 December 2007

Me and Janey have a great relationship, Janey is 25 and she is a gorgeous blonde with a great figure and beautiful breasts. We have a great sex life but Janey has told me she wanted to try new things which is how this story came about taking place.

I had organised a game of cards for Me and a few mates, Janey never minded me having the boys over and I knew she loved the attention the guys gave her. Janey always wore low cut tops and short skirts that showed off her sexy body and after a few drinks she turned into a real flirt. There was Me, Steve, Jack and Matt and they were all old mates. We played some cards whilst drinking heavily and we all got pretty pissed.

After a few hours we were over cards and moved into the pool room, Janey was pissed and doing shots of tequilla with Matt and after a couple she started getting a bit loose, she was dancing around the room and flirting with the guys and I knew she was horny as hell the way she was acting and I knew she would do anything I wanted so I thought I would have some fun.

I went and got the video camera and told her I wanted her to put on a show for me, she was dancing around for the camera and being a tease but when I told her to take off her top she was a bit shocked. "you serious baby" she asked "yeah honey take your top off" and without hesitating she pulled her top over her head to reveal her sexy boobs covered only by a lacy white bra.

The boys were cheering her on as she danced around in just a bra and skirt and she couldn't believe I was giving her permission to act like this. "Now your bra baby, Take it off" I ordered. The boys couldn't believe what they were watching as she un clipped her bra and dropped it to the floor as her hard nipples pointed out for the boys to see.

She mus have been dripping wet by now and started to get into it, she layed back on the couch and slipped her panties over her heels and threw them to the ground, with her skirt pulled up she started rubbing her clit with the group of gys watching on in amazement. The boys got in the mood and before long they had there cocks out stoking themselves while my wife pleased herself on the couch.

I put the camera down and moved over to ut my cock into her waiting cunt, "oh yeah, fuck me baby" she moaned as I slid my cock into her
The guys gathered around her and she grabbed the first cock she could see with her spare hand, after I blew my load into her Matt positioned himself between her legs and started to spread her lips with his fat cock, his cock was fatter than mine and she was aching for it inside her. As he slipped it into her she let out a yelp and started to moan loudly. Janey had Steves cock in her hand and Matt pounding her cunt while Jack waited for his turn.

After a few minutes of pounding her pussy Matt tensed up and exploded inside her, she squeeled as his load shot deep into her and as he pull out Jack took his spot between her legs. Steve now had his cock in her mouth and she was swallowing as much as possible, Jacks cock was longer than mine and she was begging for him to fuck her. The boys took turns fucking my sexy wife and she was loving being the dirty little slut with all these guys.

Her climax of the night when I was fucking her tight arse while Jack smashed her cunt and Matts cock was in her mouth, she got fucked all night in every possible way and in the early hours of the morning I left her with the guys and went to bed, Janey couldn't get enough and as soon as someone stopped fucking her she was looking for another cock, she sucked and fucked them all until they ended up passing out downstairs.

I woke in the morning to the sounds of Janey moaning and when I went back downstairs I seen Janey bent over the end of the couch spreading her arse cheeks open while Matt smashed his cock into her tight little arse, she was screaming in pleasure as he fucked her tight bum hole before pulling out and blowing all over her back. they all stayed and fucked her again until long into the afternoon and when they finally left she could hardly move and thanke me for the best night of her life.

Since that night the guys have been over to service my wife on regular occassions and she has even taken on more. Last count she had done 8 blokes in one night and there is no sign of her stopping anytime soon, Janey has even gone onto fucking complete strangers and random blokes that she meets but she always tells me when shes had a good fucking.....
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