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Janet Meet's A New Friend
03 August 2008

I went out one evening, hoping I would find someone to fuck. I went to Club 21, where there was usually some guy willing and able. I got a drink, sat at a table and it wasn't long before I noticed a black guy looking at me. I looked back at him, winked and smiled. I motioned for him to come on over. He came to my table and introduced himself and I ask him to sit with me. I think he knew what I had in mind too. We talked and it wasn't long before he ask me to dance. Out on the dance floor, we talked and got to know each other.

After dancing another couple of songs, we returned to the table.

By this time, we were comfortable with each other and naturally the conversation turned to sex. We each knew the other was married and not getting enough at home. Basically we were both at the bar looking and hoping for the same thing. I reached under the table and gave his cock a little squeeze to let him know that I was ready and willing. He smiled at me and ask if there were someplace we could go. I suggested a motel and he quickly agreed. He followed me as I went to a Motel farther out of town. We registered as husband and wife and I was elated as he led me, arm in arm to our room.

From that point, he took over. His hand led me easily to the hotel elevator on the way to our room and I responded to him each time he moved his hand from my waist to my ass as we headed for the elevator. When the elevator door shut, I pulled him against me and we continued feeling each other up. This time in the privacy of the elevator, I became the aggressor and mashed my mouth to his, my tongue pushing into his mouth. He just held my ass with both hands as he pushed my hips higher, pressing my pussy against his throbbing cock.

On the way to our room, he placed his hands on my hips and held my ass against him, my ass grinding back against him. When we reached our room and entered, I looked over my shoulder at him, the look in my eyes was a look of women wanting to fuck and I sure did. Inside the room, he pulled my top off and unhooked my bra, letting my 36c, titties free. His black lips went right to my beautiful, white titties as I arched my back, giving him more titties to lick and suck on. As his tongue licked and sucked my hard growing nipples, I wasted no time as I reached down and unzipped his pants.

I gasped as I reached into his shorts, felt and grabbed the cock I had been wanting all evening. I then knelt and pulled his pants and underwear down and off in one motion and quickly grabbed his thick, black cock with both hands as it flopped free. "Oh fuck," I told him, "I've never had a cock this big. It's twice the size of Norm's, I need it, I have to have your cock, fuck me, fuck me with it, ohhhh, fill my white, married, pussy with your beautiful, black cock, fuck me right here and now."

I looked down as her small, white hands stroked my big, black cock. She was amazed by its size. I looked down at her beautiful face as she stroked my hard, black cock, she smiled and licked her lips, as my big, black cock grew harder in her hands. She loved the feel of my cock and I could see the look of lust in her eyes as she wrapped her hands around a cock the size of which she had never seen or felt before and started jacking me off. "Go ahead Janet, suck my cock if you want to babe, go ahead and put my big, black, cock in your mouth and suck it, I need a blow job bad babe," I told her as I nudged her to her knees in front of me.

The sight of her mouth as it surrounded my cock, caused my cock to grow to a full ten inch's. Janet's loose, muffled whimpers as she desperately tried to get more of my black cock in her mouth. There was no way she was going to get all of my cock in her pert, white, mouth. It was stretched full and her mouth was only a little more than halfway down my cock. Aggressively she sucked my cock, trying to get more and more of my cock in her mouth, as she pushed her face and sucked in passion and lust. "That's it, take as much of my cock in your mouth as you can Janet, you white whore" I encouraged her, "Take it all, you white, married cock sucker. You are married aren't you babe? Janet took her mouth off my cock long enough to tell me, "yes, I am married and that does not hold me back any at all," and took her hand off my cock long enough to show me her wedding ring.

Let me tell you Norm, when your Janet told me that and showed me her wedding ring, my cock got that much harder and your Janet went right back to sucking my black cock. I pushed my cock down her throat to help her out. Seven inches of cock was all Janet could get in her mouth and the thickness of my cock was too much cock for her mouth. I grabbed the sides of her head and steadied her head as I began to mouth fuck Janet as I plunged all the cock she could get in her mouth, again and again. My balls were swinging and bumping against her chin as I fucked your beautiful wife's face.

Her mouth was stuck on my cock as I pushed my cock in and out of her mouth. Janet gagged a little as my cock shot a huge load of cum, squirt after squirt, straight into her mouth. I let her head loose and the cum Janet couldn't swallow, ran out the sides of her mouth and dribbled down onto her titties. She held her mouth on my cock until I had shot my last drop of cum in her mouth, before she cleaned up every drop of cum from my cock, let it fall out of her mouth and licked her titties clean.

My cock was still hard, despite Janet's blowjob and continued to throb as she ran her tongue around it. Your wife then looked up at me with one hand on my cock, still licking it and the other down her panty's as she fingered fucked herself. "I want your cock in my pussy," she said "You want me to Fuck you?" "Yes, I want you to fuck me tight now, I want your cock in my married pussy." " Are you a whore Janet"? She quickly answered, Yes, I am a whore, I need cock and I need your cock now." You whore, ask then." "Please, oh please, fuck me. Please fuck me now." "Get on the bed then." Janet took the rest of her cloths off and laid, naked the bed. "No ya whore, rollover and get on your hands and knees." Janet rolled over, spread her legs, her white ass in the air, offering me her cunt, her dark pussy hair was wet from lust. I pulled her to the side of the bed, as I stood and rubbed my cock across her pussy.

She shoved back at me, seeking the cock she desperately wanted. "Don't tease me babe, put it in my pussy," she said. "Ask you whore," Tell me what you want." "Please, fuck me, fuck me good," she said! "Beg like the whore you are," I told her, "I am a white, married whore and I need cock. Fuck me now, Fuck me hard, fuck me hard like the white, married, whore I am, ohhhhh I want your cock, please fuck me, I'm your whore tonight babe, just fuck me." I couldn't wait any longer either. I buried my cock in Janet's pussy, shoving all ten inches into her white, married, pussy in one thrust.

Janet moaned as she took every inch of my cock. Her elbows gave way and she fell face first into the mattress, still moaning, but kept my cock buried inside her throbbing pussy. She was impaled against my black cock, the size of my big, black cock really stretching her pussy. I began to pound her pussy, your wife's tight little pussy was filled with black cock and Norm, she wanted more cock! Janet raised her head off of the mattress, pushing her ass to me. I watched in the mirror as her titties bounced and bobbled wildly from the fucking she was getting from me.

She was, a married, white whore tonight and now will be for many more nights to come Norm. "Oh Fuck Yes, Oh Fuck Yes, Fuck me with your big black cock." "You like my cock in your pussy, don't you, whore?" "Yes, Oh Yes, fuck my whore, slut, white pussy with your big, black cock, fuck me hard, fill my pussy with black cock, fuck my white married pussy." My balls tightened as they shot forth another load of sperm. I filled her pussy with cum, my cock buried to the hilt, it throbbed as it released gob after gob into your cheating wife's, sweet, white, married pussy. When Janet caught her breath, she told me that was the best fuck she had ever had.

She wanted more cock and would I fuck her again? As good as your old lady's pussy is, no man could refuse, so you know what Norm? I ask her to roll over. She did and without me asking or telling her, she spread her legs, offering me more of her pussy. As I got between her soft, white legs, she reached down, took my cock in her hand and guided it to her pussy. When the head of my cock touched her pussy, Janet lunged upwards, burying my cock in her pussy and we fucked again. I've fucked a lot of white women, married or not and your wife is one of the best! Norm, we fucked three more times that night and Janet gave me another blowjob. She told me, "she loved the taste of my cum." Then she told me "that she wanted to go home to you with her pussy and belly full of a black man's cum." We agreed to meet every chance we got. Your wife loves to fuck Norm. Now, she wants to be in a gangbang with some of my black friends! And I'm going to set it up!
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