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27 February 2009

Stephanie is a gorgeous, tall, slim geordie lass, (from the north of England) long legs, long blonde hair, small pert tits , aged 33 and very friendly and flirtatious, we are an item of sorts and we both work for a US airline at London Heathrow. She has a high sex drive and is a always up for some 'fun', however, I don't always get my way, and some idea's she won't go for, but I always like to push the boundaries. On driving home together one night Steph mentioned that a new part-time woman had transferred to her department and that her and all the other supvr's were chatting in the rest room and that they all thought she was a bit of a dyke, very butch looking. She went on to say that Lisa was about 26, slim, quite tall, short dark brown highlighted hair, seemed to be single and kept to herself. I mentioned that I had met her at check-in and thought she was very nice and pleasant; she had that butch look about her, very male in her mannerisms but was always smiling. I could tell that Steph liked her as she had spent the day training her and had said that they got on really well and that she hoped she would be assigned to her for the week. On the motorway home my devious mind was working in overdrive, I like most men had long fantasized about watching my partner in a lesbian session. I knew I would have a lot of persuading to do, my cock began to twitch and stiffen with anticipation.
Some weeks later, after we had both finished a late shift I met Steph for a coffee in the terminal we worked in.....I began rather sheepishly with... You know when your feeling wicked you always say... 'ASK ME AND I MIGHT?'...Hmmmm..She said smiling, go on. Well you know you love your pussy being licked and played with....and you have really sensitive nipples that love being sucked and bitten, about a women doing it to you instead of a man???..she looked at me dead pan with her eyebrows raised...errr..I thought we only kept that as a foreplay fantasy…she said...I’m not a lesbian......its just one you YOUR fantasies, nothing more! I said I know you’re not into women but you are addicted to having your pussy licked aren't you!!...and you’re always saying you might one day??? she smiled....I don't know, she said, shaking her head... I’ll have to think about it...I’d have to be blind drunk anyway!! With that thought filtering through both are minds I just needed the right opportunity to play it all out. The right situation came sooner than expected.
During the busy Xmas season, pressure at work was really stressful, Steph one evening over a few glasses of wine began to tell me that she had worked with Lisa that week and that she was really nice, and had got to know each other really well and lunched together often. We had a banter going all shift, she said, laughing and mucking about, and when the all the staff had gone home they were alone in the office by the lockers, she had casually mentioned that her neck was really stiff and that her feet were killing her, Lisa laughed and said she knew how she felt, and then said that that she was great at massage...she had taken a course at college a few years ago. Not giving it a second thought Steph said...go on then, let’s see how good you are! As soon as she said it she knew it was a bad idea, Steph said she was really uncomfortable and the whole of her body stiffened in dread. Lisa walked over to Steph sat down next to her and gently pushed her head down and told her to kick off her shoes, she began kneading her shoulders and rubbing the nape of her neck gently with both her thumbs...Steph instantly relaxed, all the tension seem to drain away, she began to gently massage her scalp and forehead with her fingertips, Steph’s heart was thumping hard and she could feel herself getting wet. Lisa’s fingers began to massage her temples, her head now pushed back and rested on Lisa’s soft breasts....she was enjoying the moment. Lisa lent forward , her cheek brushing onto Staph’s and asked her how she felt, Steph could feel her breath against her cheek….she jerked forward awkwardly in embarrassment and said thanks that was great!! ..Stehp could feel herself blushing and trembling with nerves and excitement, she stuttered that she had to go as she was on an early shift the next day, and left quickly.
Steph finished her wine and turned to me and said that she had a confession to make...she had been really anxious but excited about what had happened and would never have thought that she would get so turned on by a woman.
After talking more about how she felt, a lot of coaxing and reassuring and persuading her to relax and let her inhibitions go, enjoy new experiences and try to experiment further. That night we fucked like bunnies and she was wetter than she had been for a long time, during sex I whispered to Steph to imagine Lisa, kissing her mouth and licking her body all over….she orgasms instantly.
About a week later, the weather was really foul with dropping temperatures and heavy snowfall, being at the airport, this meant many delays and lots of overtime. One late shift Steph called me to say that she would be stuck at work till the early hours as they had canx many flights due to snow and that they were rebooking lots of passengers in hotels. Most of the staff had gone home by 10pm and that left only a few supervisors and staff. I suddenly interrupted her and asked her if she was horny and up for some fun?? She giggled and said did I ever think of anything else!!...of course not, I'm always horny, I said.
I reminded her of our late night conversation; Steph laughed.....Oh yeah..I remember, I wondered when you would bring that up!! ... but I said there was a twist.....can you get Lisa to share a room with you and see if all the kinky things we talked about might happen.......there was silence…maybe I had pushed her too far to quick? I'll call you back she said in a hurried nervous voice. About an hour later she called back, all the airport hotel rooms were fully booked, however they had just been on a break together and Steph knowing that they were now pretty close friends had broached the subject of Lisa’s sexuality and they had a fairly frank conversation…….Steph confiding that she was interested in finding out what it felt like to be with another woman. Lisa listened and smiled, she told Steph what it was like, what she had experienced……and cool as you like asked her if she was interested in having a fling!!!. Steph pretended to be really surprised and said she was not sure and would have to have her partner with her. She went on to say that if she was up for it she could say the night at our flat……only problem was that I would be home….. and then she went on to explain that it was my fantasy to watch her with another woman that had sparked all the interest.
Steph's voice lowered to a whisper....if I get nervous and back out will you be pisssed off?? She said in a soft voice.....don't worry I said...just go with the flow, if it doesn't pan out we’ll just retire to our room and and get some can drop her to work the next morning and pretend it never happened!!! Steph finished the call by saying that they would both be home in about three hours.
They arrived later that night….I had turned off all the lounge lights and had lit a few candles and opened a couple of bottles of wine and had glasses ready on the coffee table. They both came in…..Lisa smiling but looking a bit uneasy, Steph gave me a cheeky grin and a wink.. They both flopped onto the sofa…..tired and chatting away about the day’s events and work. Steph poured out the wine and ushered me into the kitchen….she layed out a few rules that her and Lisa had agreed on the way home….I was to look but not touch….it was their night and Lisa was cool with the idea that I was there, but wasn’t interested in a threesome. With that she returned to the lounge grabbed both bottles of wine and took Lisa upstairs to show her her room and I guessed they were going to change and shower. I sat quietly in the semi darkness in a corner of the room, my cock stiff and my heart pounding with excitement. They came down about an hour later, both had nightwear on, Steph was still drinking her wine, a duvet under her arm, talking about work, they were both laughing... Steph walked into the lounge, she asked Lisa for a massage as she stretched her neck from side to side and then lifted her leg up and wiggled her toes. Steph sits on the edge of the sofa and Lisa kneels down in front of her, she takes hold of her foot and puts it on her lap and begins to massage her toes and foot, Steph's eyes close and her head drops back, they both start giggling as Lisa begins to kiss and tongue Steph’s toes, licking and sucking each toe and slowly licking the sole of her foot, Lisa starts to massage her way up her leg, looking at her the whole time to see if she wants more or if she should stop but Steph just grins at her, shifts her bum on the sofa and lifts the other leg onto her lap and spreads them showing her freshly shaved, damp pussy. Lisa now knows what Steph wants and she gets up from the floor and leans over to kiss her. Lisa takes her hand and pulls her down onto the floor with the duvet and sits between her legs and begins to slip her knickers off. Lisa presses herself against her and then kisses her long and slow, their tongues eagerly exploring each others mouths. After ten minutes of sustained kissing and tongue play, Lisa’s arms wrap around Steph's waist pulling her towards her, Steph slowly caresses her back, their breasts pressing together ,their mouths meet again as they hold each other.
At this point I've got a raging hard on and I begin to start clicking away with my camera, it's the most horny sight I’ve ever seen, better that any porn.
Lisa’s hand reaches up and finds Steph's lovely pert tits and is rolling her nipples between her finger and thumb, they are as hard as bullets, I can see Steph let out a low throaty groan and closes her eyes, Lisa is slowly kissing down her neck whilst cupping her tits in her hands, her mouth finds Steph's hard nipples and is now softly chewing and sucking, gently blowing on her breasts to harden her nipples even more. Lisa now changes position so that Steph is lying between her legs, Steph leans closer to her and delicately runs her tongue down her belly and finds her soft shaven mound, she opens Lisa’s legs wider and puts them over her shoulders and runs her tongue further down, parting her fleshy folds and finds her clit, she licks, sucks, and nibbles on her like a woman possessed. Steph is now slowly licking the full length of Lisa’s pussy, Lisa is talking to her and it seems she's telling her what to do, directing her, and Steph starts forcing her tongue into her now very wet and glistening pussy. Steph's head is bobbing in and out and she fucks her with her tongue. After about fifteen minutes they both change positions, Steph is lying down on her back and Lisa is knelt between her wide open legs.....Lisa bends down and slowly massages and kneads Steph's soft curvy bum. I can see a surprised look on Steph's face as she turns and face's me, Lisa gently spreads her arse cheeks and begins to massage her hairy crack with her fingers, teasing her pinky brown anus with both her thumbs. Suddenly Lisa bends down and starts to lick and rim her anus, long slow strokes of her tongue sends Steph into meltdown, her head facing forward, eyes closed, biting her bottom lip and groaning. Lisa is now gently pumping her thumb like a cock into Steph's rectum in a slow rhythmic motion, her face concentrating on Steph's pale white bum cheeks wobbling, her own breasts swaying to and fro, her nipples puckered and stiff...Lisa’s other hand is now pumping Steph's wet pussy, three fingers rapidly pistoning in and out. I can see Steph biting the duvet below her and bucking and grinding her hips with pleasure as she cums. They both swap positions and are now head to toe in a 69 position and are licking away ....Steph is eagerly repaying the pleasure to Lisa, gently tonguing her asshole and slipping a finger in.
I am sitting here thinking how I would love to fuck them both but I guess this was all about Steph (and me) exploring something new, and by the looks of it she has taken to it like a duck to water!! Hope you enjoy the pic’s.
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