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Demure Wife Turns Exhibitionist
04 August 2009

Although my wife Sue, aged 40, is usually a quiet and demure lady and mother of our twin teenage daughters, things changed when I one day suggested we might try going to a naturist health club, purely for the health angle, I tried to explain to her.

At first Sue was dismissive, but a couple of days later she began to ask questions about the possibility. Where is it, she would ask, and who goes there? What do people do there? etc etc. I said I didn't have much more idea than her, but it would be fun to try it out and we might enjoy it.

So, after plenty of encouragement, a week later we went along to the nudist health club about 15 miles away from where we live. Once there we were given a towel and directed towards the changing rooms and lockers. it was a communal changing area and a couple of fellas were just stripping down out of their undies as we got there. I looked at Sue and saw in her face a mixture of curiosity, excitement and some degree of nervousness.

"it's ok" I said, "Everyone will be the same.....naked, so you won't be on your own in there."

Sue watched as the two older men walked away chatting, both with pretty large cocks swaying before them. I turned to Sue and she smiled. "That's cheered me up" she grinned.

We made our way into the main area of the club, but only to find there were about 15 men, mostly older, say from 40 to 60, and no other women at all. I thought for one minute Sue would turn around and head straight back out, but she didn't, she simply shrugged her shoulders. "We're here now", she said, "might as well make the best of it".

Saying that, she headed for the jacuzzi with me in tow. We showered on the way and for the first time in her life, Sue shed her towel to become totally naked in the company of other men. We got to the jacuzzi where 3 men were already in and asked if we could join them. Of course they said yes. Who wouldn't? Sue has a lovely figure with small firm tits and a beautiful waistline leading down to her belly and pubic area. her pubes are trimmed to a tiny strip and her cunt lips always peek out from between her legs. The guys in the jacuzzi got a good view of this as they were situated just beneath us in the tub. I thought Sue might make a last ditch attempt to cover up with her hands, but she didn't. As she stepped into the tub, her cunt was on full display. I could see all the guys getting an eyeful and it plainly made their day.

We saw plenty of cocks that day and Sue seemed to enjoy looking at all shapes and sizes of the pricks. One or two guys made a point of letting her see their cocks by standing directly in front of her, foreskin rolled back and semi erect pricks pointing in her direction. I could feel my own cock harden at the thought that my lovley wife was enjoying seeing other mens cocks in such an overt way.

"See, I said you'd enjoy it" I pointed out to her. "Yep" she replied, it's a lot better now we're here and enjoying the view"

Later we made for the sauna. Sue clambered out of the jacuzzi first and as she did so, made no attempt to hide the fact that her bumhole and cunt could be seen by those still in the tub. They got a nice, long view of her pretty anus and large cunt lips as she steadied herself on the side of the jacuzzi. All three men looked long and hard at the view.

"Nice cunt" said one of the older men quiety to me, but Sue overheard.

"Glad you like it" Sue smiled back

Next episode tomorrow
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