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the return of the old man
10 December 2009

as we said in the last blog we have a loder man that
live buy us and has caught us in the act of doing some
pictures and is 74 yrs young any way his first time
with us was to say the least exploseve and for his age
it was great for the both of us so the outher day we
ie me and nay and tim were doing some more pictures
out in the back of the house and guess who shows up
for the lack of a better name i will call him the old man
but the way he fuckes you would never know he is that old
and that his dick was as big as it is and he has not
forgot how to use it i mean ya i know it was good size but
this last time that he came over it just seamed it was
so large that kind of scared me and poor nay just took hold
of it and freaked out as it grew in her hand and soon in her
mouth as we all played with it as tim kept on shooting
pictures,it was not to long after we got in to it and
he blew his load all over both of our faces and my god
did he cum he cam so much that i thought that i was going to
gag on it and god nay was in the same way and poor tim was
pissed cause he did not get i volved in our fun but we gave him
a quickie blow job and made him very happy!. but nay had to
go so she went and cleaned up and got dressed and left with the
promes to see him and all of us agien as she said very soon ,
so as we sait on our bed and talked i could not help but notice
that his dick was still rock hard and not going down at all and
i mean not one little bit i hollerd at nay befor she left and showed
her as she came out of the bathroom and her mouth fell open and
could not belive it hell it was all most 10mins after he had cum
and was still every inch as hard as when i was sucking on it nay
could not belive her eyes and walked over and just bent down and
gave it one more real good suck and then had to leave or she said
that she would not want to so she did as we talked some more i found
that when he found out that we were doing pictures agien he took
a vigrea as he came in the door and had not i a long time since
his wife had had a heart attack 6 years ago was the last time
he had sex and was really enjoying when he came over for a show
and had never felt as good as he has sence this all got started
but as we were talking he was playing with my tits and i was playing
with tims dick and he was getting all hard agien so i got on my
knees and started to suck on him and no sooner did i do that than
the old man got behind me and stuck his dick in my hot pussy all
the way till it just would not go any more and dam it felt great !!
as i am sucking on tims dick and got one in my pussy i have never felt
so good and so full but the best was still to come as i would find
out very soon, he fucked me like hell for about ten mins and as i was
sucking on tims balls and stroking his hard dick he came up and told
me to stop for a min i did but was suprised that he wanted me to
then told the old man to lay on his back and me to sit on his dick
and grabed a jar of lub and i knew what was comeing and have to admit
that i liked the idea a lot so i sat on his dick and man it felt great
as tim got behind of me he lubed up my ass and started to insert his dick
in my ass and god did it feel great i dont think i have ever felt so full
and so great and the old man could not belive what im was doing and the fact
that he could feel tims dick through the skin and mad it clear that it was
very diffrent than he had ever done befor but loved it and did not want to
stop and hell they both fucked me for about 45 more mins befor cumming like
a fire hose as tim did two i have never been so fucked in my life and had so
much cum on me i felt like hell i dont know what but sure felt great !!!!!!
as tim and the old man layed there with me in the middle i was playing with
his dick and it still was not getting soft and my god i could not belive it
he was not as hard as at the start but it was still hard !!!!! so i told tim
i was going to do some thing with him if he did not care and he said go ahead
when he could he might joine in so i bent down and started to suck on his dick
agien and his balls as i took them in my mouth and started to suck on them
i thought he was going to blow his load agien but he did not just said that it
flet better than he had ever felt in his life, i looked up at him and said that
was only going to get better as tim says that i have a very tight pussy and one
of the tightest assholes he has ever had and loves to fuck me in both as often
as he can. so i got up on my knees and strattled him agien and grabed hold of
his dick and guided it in to my asshole till i could not take any more i had to
tell him to hold on for a min till i was able to relax to take the rest of him
but it was not long befor he was pounding my ass hole like it had never been
pounded tim is good but my god this was unbeliveable and so deep i thought it
was going to gage me as this was going on tim got hard agien and stood in
frount of me so that i could suck his dick as the old man watched from below
dam it was like a seen out of a good fuck movie... none of us had not noticed
was that nay had came back and was standing in the door of the room watching
and playing with her self till tim saw her and told her to fucking strip and
get her sweet ass over here and she did as sh layed down on the bed tim droped
to his knees straddling her head and stuck his dick in her mouth as she slurped
and sucked away god it could not get any better till tim pulled out of her
mouth and got down as she was on her back and bettween her knees and started to
fuck her like there was no tomarrow me getting my ass fucked nad nay getting
fucked in her pussy then as i looked over at them and tim had her feet up in
the air and was sticking his dick in her ass as she howelled and grabed hold
of me like i could do any thing i was haveing to much fun my self but it was
short lived as she started to really get inn to it and was really enjoying it
god it was great and want on for about 20 mins till we swaped then nay got
the thrill of her life she swore he was going to tear her apart but with a
little time she enjoyed the hell out of it as did i and we all got off one
more time in about 15 more mins and then just flopped over each outhe and layed
on the bed so that is how the secound go round with the old man went and i can
tell you that we are all looking forward to the next time that he cumms buy
to watch ya right to watch he still dose not want us to use any of the pictures
but hell we realy did not get any pictures this time but god did we have some
fucking fun and i canet wait for the next time nay eather and man am i hurting
but it is such a goods pain inn my ass ha ha ha hope you all enjoy this we are new
at bloging so please let us or me know what you think all coments are welcome
love tommie and nay and tim and most of all the old man with the BIG DICK!!!..
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