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at two girls mercy pt.2
27 September 2010

I went back to work on tues.I couldn't wear panties or bra yet.My nipples get over an inch long now with just the lightest touch.My pussy was still raw and super sencetive.All I could wear was a thick sweater and a skirt,they still got rock hard, I got a few more looks at work.Its been over a week now.I now can get on my hands and knees,infront of my mirror,let my pussy relax and it opens up,I put three fingers in and dont feel them,then I squeeze it tight doing it over and over until I cum everwhere.I'm going over there tonight,I can't wait,Im all shaved,a hot soapy enema,shower and picked out a see through bra and blouse a very short skirt,garterbelt and stockings, no panties.As I left the house I was getting so wet,there was a wet spot on my car seat.I was stopped at a light when I noticed 3 guys beside me trying to get a peek so I pulled up my skirt flashing my pussy,they got all embaressed and sped off.I got there, was greeted at the door by Barb,invited in,had a drink or two,Gina was at the liqour store and showed up a bit later had another drink.I was then stood up,my clothes were torn off me,tearing my blouse ripping my bra yanking my skirt down.Standing there in my garterbelt, stockings and high heels.They took me into the frontroom,leather restraints were put on my wrists my hands were tied up above my head from a hook in the celing.Then spread my legs untill I was hanging by my wrists.Then they opened up the curtians for all to see in,I'm glad its not a busy street,they were on the couch discussing what was instore for me.They untied me after a few people had walked by.Was lead into the bathroom,bent over as my arms were tied to the inside of my legs wraped tightly from my elbows to my wrists,I was put on my knees head on the floor,my pussy opening up,juices running down my legs.I heard water turn on,I was stood up turned around layed down in the shower my arms and legs spreading me wide open.Gina took a hose and attatched it to the shower pipe,she got the water comming out the hose it was hot and she got it coming out with some force.She started on my nipples untill they were so hard as Barb began to work on my pussy,pulling it apart and seemed very pleased how big it was opening for her.My nipples were sticking straight up,the hottness and pressure of the water was more painfull than the wax was,I knew I was in for trouble when Gina joined Barb and put a rubber ball about the size of a pool ball on the hose shoved up my pussy turned the hot hot water on.I could feel the hot water filling me so full it started coming out.They both grabbed my lips pulling them wide,the ball shot out followed by a gush of water,then right back in again untill my pussy was so big the ball just fell out.Gina said its four fingers wide.They told me after their done with me,my asshole will be gapped open for days.Barb got up grabbed a large buttplug attached it to the hose put it up my asshole and on came the water it felt so good untill I couldnt take any more.It was pulled out vey slow and a steady stream shot out for over 20 seconds.This was done over and over at least 15 times.Then I was untied,blindfolded a leather collar and leash were put on,lead down stairs,through a door into another room,I couldn't see anything and it was dead quiet.I was lead around for a bit,told to lay down and spread eagle.I felt restraints being put on my wrists and ankles. My legs were pulled up and as wide as they can go lifting my ass off the carpet an inch or so, my arms tied together pulled over my head and cinched up tight,a ballgag was put on,the blindfold was taken off.I was spread wide on the floor competly helpless in their down stairs neighbours frontroom.I was introduced to Tammy and Louise who got to work on my tits,pulling,slapping,bitting one would cup my boob while the other smacked it as hard as she could,back and forth nonstop.Gina and Barb began to whip me all over taking turns on my pussy,my legs,chest,arms,tummy and ass are getting just covered with welts.As they whip me and punish my tits, the pain is so good I beg for more.Louise tells Tammy my tits are ready now,Tammy gets up comes back with their electrosex unit and four pads puts a pad just above and below both my nipples pluges it in and cranks it up,sending a stinging jolt to one tit a 5 second pause then it does the other tit,each time it jolted me I would arch my back and scream out in exctasy.I was then hoisted up in the air my ass was up about two and a half feet,suspended from the heavy duty ankle restraints,my sholders just touching the floor.Then I was informed I was getting gang fisted.Gina was first, I was spread so wide she slid four fingers in easaly, tucking her thumb in behind her fingers and slid her fist in to her wrist pulled it all the way out shoving it in again turning it from side to side and fucking my pussy hard,Tammy was next she shoved her hand in to her wrist then out to her finger tips as hard and as fast as she could.Louise stuck her her hand in made a fist and pulling it out still clenched over and over.Barb was last,her hand was much bigger than the others,it was slowly pushed in stretching my pussy to new heights,it was all the way in,the combination of my tits and pussy was so intence,Barb was working her fist in and out now nonstop until she was done.I was untied,had a pee and a smoke.I had to look at my pussy in the bathroom,it was bright red lips all swollen,I put one leg on the vanity bent over in the mirror,my hole was atleast three inches wide,as I reached up and put my fist in and out,I knew this was something I was going to do to myself for a long time to come!!!I came out of the bathroom my collar and gag were removed, I had a quick smoke.Was stood up,led down the hall to a room in the back,in the middle of the room was a padded board about 18 inches wide and 5 feet long.One end was about 2 feet of the floor then sloping down to the floor, there was 2 holes for my tits and a bigger hole above that for my head.Big leather straps and buckles down the sides I was spread sat down on it leaned forward pulling my tits through the holes,putting my face on its hole,after a little adjusting,my head across my shoulders,middle and lower back were strapped down and buckled up tight.My ass in the air,my nose inches from the floor.They next tore my garter belt and stockings off,tied rope to my wrists then lashing them to my knees.I couldn't see anything but floor,my tits started to get clothspins put on them the same time ice cubes were being shoved up my pussy until both were right full.I could feel my pussy quivering as ice cold water runs out and over my clit.Next a big enema bulb seringe full of warmed lube was emptied in my ass,I don't know who was doing what.The next thing I felt was a wide long cold steel probe going in deep,it started to shock my ass sending a deep pounding sensation through out my entire body,the 8 inch probe slipped inside me,and then they all startd to shove their fingers up my ass,and pulling my asshole open,holding it wide apart more and more fingers,pulling wider and wider.The probe was pulled fingers were pulled apart real hard one last time,pulled out.One of them started to work her fist in,shoving and twisting it until it slipped in my ass,moved it around a bit and pulled it out.I was gang fisted in both holes for the next hour straight.I must have cum 6 to 7 times.When it was over,I was untied,unstrapped,said thank you to Tammy and Louise,was taken back upstairs,bent over,Barb and Gina fisted me one more time, told to get dressed and I was free to go.The only thing that didn't get torn or ripped up were my high heels and my short skirt.So I had to get to my car and put my jacket on without nobody seeing me. It was after midnight,so I thanked them for the best fucking I've ever had!!!Opened up the door looked out didn't see anyone,made a mad dash for my car jumped in and slammed the door,as I sat down and reached over for my jacket a huge puddle of lube and pussy juice poured out of me,soaking te seat,put my jacket on and got home went straight into the bedroom,got on my hands and knees infront of my full length mirror and started to fist my pussy,my asshole was completly colapsed I watched myself in the mirror I made myself cum again,had a hot shower and a smoke layed down played with my clit for awhile and fell fast asleep dreaming about the evenings activitys.So good night,until next time!!!
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