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01 October 2010

After a few days after my last punishment,I went to an Adult sex store lookng for a new outfit,to replace the one that got ripped off me.As I looked around,there was a few people in the store,After a bit the girl come over and asks if I need any help.I told her I'm looking for a kinky outfit,she started showing me some very sexy outfits,my nipples were sticking right out,and I'm sure she had to notice them.My eye caught this leather number with chains all over it.The bra was leather straps with chains all around the cups joining up to a ring for my nipples to poke through,the thong was soft,soft leather,crotchless with two chains drouping across about where my clit would be.It was perfect!!I said if it fits I'll take it.But they don't let you try them on naked.So I said how will I know if it fits.She leans in and whispers in my ear,If I wait until the store is empty,she'd give me a personal fitting,then winked.As I wanderd around,my pussy and tits aching with excitment.I was looking at the big dildos and anal toys when she was just ringing up the last customer.She locked the door behind him,turned the sign on the door around to closed.Walked up to me and said,is there anythng and I mean anything I can help you with!!!This hugh dildo looks good,I said.It was 12 inches long and two and a half inches thick with a big head on it,and thick veins all over it.As she grabbed it off the shelf ,I heard her moan and say in a very seductive voice what are you going to do with this,looking at me smilling.As I held it I knew I had to have it in me.My panties were soaked,nipples sticking staight out.I said to fuck my pussy hard with and smilled back at her.Mmmmmm she says,anything else?I was looking at that huge vibrating,inflatable buttplug.Good choice she says,anything else.I said,that should do for now,just a place to try my outfit on please.She took me back into their lunch room,held up the leather outfit and said,well ge out of those clothes and lets see if it fits.I was naked in no time.She took the thong off its hanger walked up to me bent down letting me to step into it,as she slowley pulled them up I let out a loud moan,spread my legs slightly letting her pull them up all the way.She stands up grabs my tits and starts kissing me,shoving her tounge down my throat.She then began to adjust the thong putting her hands all over,adjusting this strap pulling it around,but when she was done it was very comfortable the little chains running right across my swollen clit.She asked me to do a 360,a bit more adjusting then the top was next.As I slid my arms through the cold chains going around my tits made me shutter a little, she does the back up adjusts the straps walks around to the front pulls my nipples through the rings pulling my tits around getting them all aroused.After she was done she said the only mirror was out in the store.I walked out and stood infront of it turned around it fit perfectly,the chains holding my tits up was gettng my nipples to stick out through the rings,I pulled them hard,rubbed the chains over my erect clit breify.Went back to the lunchroom closed the door walked over to her grabed her and started to shove my tounge down her throat, as we knelt down on the floor facing each other she took off her shirt and bra exposing a perky set of tits.I'm in my early 40's but I work hard to keep myself looking 10 years younger or so,I've been told.If I had to guess her age mabye 22 to 25 and just georgous!!!She then she laid back took off her shoes,stuck her legs straight up together pulled her pants and panties off spread her legs wide showing me her tiny,pink,wet pussy and begging me to lick her.I got between her legs,spread her lips and sucked,licked,tounged,nibbled that beautiful pussy.She then wrapped her long legs around my head,pushing my face into her pussy, as she came all over my face.After she said now my turn.I stood up took my thong off,layed back on the lunchroom table and said fuck my pussy with big boy.She pulled up a chair sat down and started to lick me everywhere from my clit down to my asshole,driving me wild, she started shoving fingers in my pussy and asshole at the same time.I couldn't hold my pussy tight anymore,as I let go a gush of juice ran all over.I tell her fist me,she leans back so she can watch,and starts stick her fist in,telling me this is the most kinky thing she's ever done.As she starts to go in and out,I'm squeezing my tits pulling my nipples and moaning loudly,making her fist me harder and deep,as I look up and make eye contact I tell her my asshole needs to be fisted too,at the same time,she says,oh yes please,I moaned still looking deep into her eyes.Her hands were smaller but longer than the other girls.I lay back and feel her fingers going up my ass, she says I can't belive I'm doing this,I reach up grab the back of my knees an pull my legs wide,she gasps then moans as it slips in my ass,I look up and say belive it, now fuck me with those fists.She did just that!!!Pushing them deeper and deeper,after a few more thrusts,she pulls them out and grabs my new toy starts shoving it in,the head was so big it stretched me as wide or widder then Barbs fist did.As she forced it in,I arched my back screamed out,thrusting my hips forward,I started to cum as she fucked me hard,shoving a fist in my ass again,makng me cum harder,but she didn't stop fucking me until I came again which didn't take long at all,the second one was even more intence,as she pulled out a gush of cum poured out soaking everything.I lay on the table, my pussy and ass open wide,little waves of pleasure still surging over my body.She gets up leans over gives me a soft kiss and asks me how she was for her first fisting.I grab her head and give her a long hard kiss and said that was fantastic you can do that again anytime.We got dressed,straightened up the lunchroom,we kissed and fondled each other for a bit.We then went back out into the store went up to pay,she laughs and says theres no charge,just as long as we do that more,but its her turn next time.I said anytime, she handed me my bag with my outfit and toys in it,minus the bra I still had it on.It showed through my T shirt big time.I kissed her good bye,walked out the door,onto a busy sidewalk everyone was looking at my tits.So I stuck them staight out and walked slowley to my car got in,looked in the rearview mirror,I didn't realize you could see everthing,As I drove home people were looking in waving,smiling,ponting and a few thumbs up.I was getting totally aroused,got home jumped into the shower,rubbed my clit with my shower head cumming again.As I was putting my new toys away,in the bottom of the bag, were her panties and a note with he name and number on it.Her panties were still wet,I stood up and put them on as they got pulled up tightly her tight wet panties made me so horney,I sat on the couch and rubbed my clit,I came two more times soaking them with my juices left them on layed down on the couch,watched a little TV and woke up still on the couch in the morning,looked down at her still wet panties got up found her note dialed the number asked for Angie she said hi in a very sexy voice thanking my for phoning her back,and the best sexual experince she'd ever had,and couldn't wait to do it again.I invited her to spend the weekend with me,I have to work until 9:00 friday Angie says,then after that I'm yours until monday morning.Im picking her up friday after work,then I have all kinds of kinky plans instore for us.I'm so excited I can't wait,I'll be sure to post the next episode soon,Until next time see you soon!!!
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