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fucked at home
31 October 2010

Its been three days since I've seen Angie,I'm pickng her up tonight for the weekend.I turned the guestroom into a sexroom all my toys, whips,clips,clamps some candles,a cut off broom handle,lot of string and rope all layed out under the bed.Heavy leather restaints with adjustable straps on each corner of the bed under the blankets, everything out of sight.I put a hook in the ceiling in front of a full legnth mirror.As I was getting ready to go get her,I was so horney, as I got into my car my tight jeans made my clit twitch,I have a 25 minute ride,I pull into taffic and knew I had to cum before I got there.As I drive my pants are open my hand is rubbing my panties every chance I get,but couldn't rub it the way I needed to,so I turned off at the next intersection pulled into an alley,parked behind a dumpster,yanked my jeans and panties down past my knees,fingerng and frigging my pussy frantically,cumming hard in just a few seconds.Cleaned my cum up pulled my pants up,was still having little aftershocks as I got back on the road,As I got closer my pussy was getting wet,just thinking about Angie.I pulled into the parking lot parked infront of the store,I was a few minutes early,as I walked in,Angie was helping the last person,she was wearing a nice short baby blue dress matching stockings,3 inch heels showing off her georgous legs.As I looked up she brushed the hair away from her face her curly sandy brown hair cascading down her back,she was more beautiful than I had remembered,and says hi your right on time,and if I wouldn't mind waiting in the lunchroom I'll be ready to go soon.I said sure,I was all turned on again,sitting down I kept thinkng about what we did in here just a few days ago.She walks in a couple minutes later,comes over gives me a big hug and kisses me hard,says I been thinkng about you all week and can't wait until we're alone.She picks her weekend bag and says,all I have to do is lock up and meet you at your car.She locked up,I put her bag in the car,she got in I reached over grabbed her and kissed her shoving my tounge in and around hers we both moan I pull back a bit saying I been thinkng about you too and can't wait to get you home,the roads were bare was home in no time.We pull into the garage,I invite her in show her around,say make yourself at home on the couch,want a drink,yes please she says,I say how about a pina colita,sounds perfect she say.If you want to freshen up while I make us some,go ahead.Would you mind if I had a quick shower and got out of my work clothes she asks,You bet go right ahead there are clean towles in there,I made a picture full and got glasses sat down on the couch poured us a couple,Angie walked out of the bedroom in a pink teddy and matching see through panties her pink nipples hard and poking straight up and the lips of her pussy just showing thruogh.She looked so hot I had to have her,she sits down beside me has a sip of her drink looks me in the eyes and says,I'm all yours willing and wanting to do anything you want to do or say.We sit on the couch for a bit,getting to know each other,have a few more drinks,I say you'll do anything I say,yes anything she says,I tell her to stand up infront of me,take off that teddy and play with your tits for me,she gets up slowly pulls the teddy off,drops it by her feet throws her head back closes her eyes bites her bottom lip gently moans as she starts caressing her tits,squeezing them pulling and twisting her tiny pink nipples,I look into her big brown eyes,asking her how good does that feel baby,ooooohhh she moans,what a turn on it is doing this for you,I can see her pussy getting her panties all wet,so I tell her to take them off,lay on my coffee table spread your leg over the sides and masterbate until you cum as I watch,she doesn't say word turns around bends over and pulls her panties down showing me her pussy and tiny asshole,stands up goes over to the coffee table lays down spreads her legs wide,layes her head back starts stroking her clit and still working her boobs over good,she starts to groan and moan louder grunting out as she rubs her clit,while fingering her beautiful wet pussy harder and faster her juices start dripping out as she shoves two fingers in and out,her head is rolling from side to side she then arches her back lifting her ass off the coffee table,screams out oooooohhh I going to cum and starts to buck wildly,starts gasping and grunting as she cum's and cum's squirting her juices all over the table as she calms down she opens up her eyes smiles at me and said doing that infront of me was such a turn on made her orgasm twice as intence.She got up came over to me kissed me and said be right back have to pee.I cleaned up the coffee table and she comes back and I say are you tired at all,she says alittle,would you like to get our jammies on cuddle up together in bed and watch a little TV,she says that sounds great,we jump into the shower wash each others bodies kissing and fondling get out dry each other off blow dry our hair put,on my night shirt no panties, she look at me completly naked and says this is how she sleeps.We climb into bed I lay on my back she nestles right up resting her head on my sholder,running her arm across my tummy hugging me gently and putting her leg between mine,her skin is so soft against me,I can feel her hot pussy just resting on my thigh mine just touching her thigh,pull the blanket over us she leans up kisses me on the cheek,whispers goodnight in my ear,sweet dreams,I say she cozzies up close.I stroke her soft hair for a while,she was sound asleep in a matter of minutes. I watch this beautiful woman sleepping in my arms for a while,then fall fast asleep,in our warm embrace.I woke up first she was on her side I was tucked in behind her holding her still looked at the clock it after 11:00,but it was after 1:00 when I fell asleep.I sneak out of bed us the bathroom,have a shower make a pot of coffee sneak a peak on Angie she's still sleeping,she worked a 12 hour day yesterday,so I close the door almost closed,go out for a smoke and to get my paper come back in read my paper have a couple more coffee's looked up as she walkes into the kitchen wearing a short red silk house coat showing just a little cheek comes over gives me a kiss gets a coffee sits down thanks me for the best sleep she's had in a long time.I had a great sleep too I say.I ask her if she's hungry,starved she replies,well how does omletts sound,Mmmmmmm yummy she says.If you would like to have a shower and freshen up,food will be ready when your out,she leans over kisses me and says ok see you in a bit and I'll be all squeeky clean inside and out for you,turns her head smiles and winks as she walks out the kitchen down to the bedroom.We eat up quick,she come out with me on the balcony while I have a smoke,she sits in the lounge chair still in her short house coat,her long sexy legs stretched in out the warm sunshine,keeping her knees together and pulls her feet up just enough for me to see her pink pussy.We sit for a bit longer,letting our food settle,I look at her and say ready,for anything she says.I take her by the hand lead her back in,down the hall and into the sexroom,turn on the light,close the door,tell her to strip,get on the bed on your hands and spread wide,as she does so,I walk up get on the bed behind her,get on my knees reach out pull her cheeks wide apart.I lean in and start licking her asshole,going around in circles on her tiny pink rim,she gasps in and moans yeeessss I then start to work my tounge in her ass she relaxes and starts to get into it,I move my fingers closer to he asshole and gently pull it wide I dart my tounge in and out faster and faster she is arching her back and thrusting back everytime I jam it in deep,I put it in as far as I can and move it all around inside slowley pull out,my fingers holding her asshole open,I let her cheeks go slowly,shoved two fingers in my mouth sucked on them and started to ease them in her ass rubbing her anus and slipping one slowley all the way in and out,her moans are getting louder and she grunts and pushes back every time I shove my finger in deep.I pull it out start to rub her anus with two fingers she turns her head around,groans out begging for more fingers up her ass.She get two fingers in deep I spread them apart an pull them out then three fingers in deep slowly start to move them in and out she's gasping and grunting I grab her cheek pull it wide and start to fuck her asshole harder and faster jamming in deep and say do you like that feel good when I shove my fingers up your tight ass nd fuck it hard like this and shove them in and out as fast and as hard as I can.She throws her head back and screams out don't stop I'm going to cum oooooohhhhh here it cum's, her asshole slams shut around my fingers I keep them shoved in deep her pussy starts convultsing as her juices gush out.Each time a wave of her orgasm surged through her body,she would arch her back up gasps in groans out deeply arches her back downwards shoving her ass on my fingers her whole body shuttering again and again at least a dozen times,after she stop bucking around I slowley pull my fingers out giving her a little after shock.Her asshole was clenched up all tiny and pink again.I let her get up and go for a pee and settle down a bit.While she's gone I take the pussy soaked blanket off the bed exposing the restraints and get a blindfold.When she comes back she's told to lay down spread eagle,I buckle the restraints on tight cinching the straps back put the blindfold on turning off the light and sneak out and go outside have a smoke leaving her in total darkness and silence.I creep back into the room reach under the bed and take out a box of clothspins 28 of them grab two reach over as quiet as I can open them up and put them on her nipples at the same time she gasps in hard arches her back crys out oooohhh yes,yeeesss I start to put them all over her tits 12 on each and 2 on each nipple her flinching and soft whimpers soon turned to moans and she thrahes about as the pain turns into pleasure.I get a chair sit down and watch her writh in exctacy for a few minutes.I start pulling them off one at a time she lets out a squeel flinches and cries out until they were off.Her little pink nipples are red and swollen big pinch marks all over her cream colored tits.I undo the straps leaving the restraints on,make her stand up on the floor hands together over her head right under the hook I grab the rope tie her up spread her legs as far apart as she can,lash the broomstick to the restraints,lower her hands down a bit leaning her forward slightly,turned her facing the mirror still blindfolded,I get my hand held vibrator out it has a big ball on the top that vibrates and heats up too,makes me cum over and over every time I use it.I tie a rope under the ball with about 4 feet of rope on each side of the ball put the ball up to her pussy taking one end of the rope pull it up and wrapping it around her waist tie it tight in front walk around back grab the other rope pull it up the crack of her ass around the rope on her waist back down through her pussy lips around the ball cinching it tight and back up the crack of her ass around the rope on on her waist again back down through her pussy pullng it tight making her winch as I snug the ropes securly and tie it up in front I pull her pussy lips wide making sure the vibrator is on her clit and it cant move,put the heat setting on low and set the vibration on max.I set up a timmer you plug in the wall,to turn on for 30 minutes go off for 10,back on for 30 and so on.Turned it to go on in a few minutes pluged the vibe into it,took off the blindfold,she look in the mirror at her tits moans and said that was her first clothspins experince and loved it,looks down at my vibe tied between her legs and goes oh am I going to get it good.I get on the bed lay back with a back side view and total front view looking into the mirror,my pussy was aching for attention,I squeeze my boobs and spread my legs stroking my erect clit as she watches in the mirror.Click on goes the power her eyes close throws her head back mouth opens clinches her fists arches her back her ass cheeks tighting around the vibe starts gasping and grunting as her body trembles with pleasure as she gets closer her trembling turns to jerking and convulsing,pussy juice soaking the cotton rope and starts to drip off her spread lips,she crys out I can't hold back any longer Ooooohhh here it cums she goes limp puts her head down hanging by her wrists she is silent as her red swollen pussy begins to pulse as waves of orgasm gush juice down her legs her whole body shaking violently,as she comes around she pleading with me no more its way too sencetive after I cum I cant take it any more ooohhh please turn it off oooohhh please no more.I get off the bed walk up infront of her squeeze her tits pinch her nipples hard and tell her it will fell good again soon there is 12 minutes left a couple of minutes later her pleading soon turns into moaning and grunts as she starts bucking around again she closes her eyes again and I grab the vibe's head and grind it on her clit she throws her head back screams yes yes yes dont stop ooooohhhh.I stop turn the heat up to med high and start slapping her tits getting harder with each slap shes grunts out harder yes more harder I slap her tits until the timmer went off she was so close I said I'll be right back and you cant cum unill I get back gave her a kiss and a smack on her ass.I put on my house coat went outside for smoke.When I came back in Angies moaning and grunting were echoing throughout the entire house I stood outside by the door for a moment as I go back in she says can I cum now,not yet I say grab my riding crop and start whipping her ass soft at first then harder she jerks her ass crys out yes yes more I whip her ass 50 times she has raised welts on each cheek and she wants more so I walk around infront of her and whip her tits her head is back crying out Owww owwwww owwwww each stinging strike gettin her closer I stop grab two clothspins put them on her whipped nipples look her in the eyes reach down grab the vibe shove it up on her pussy,now cum for me,pushing and grinding she lets out a loud scream and begins cumming so violently I kneel down still grnding it hard the ball was hot now her pussy and inside thigh bright red it starts to pulse shooting juice out steady running down the vibe down my arm and puddling on the floor as it contracts open and close around the ropes sending jolts of spasms jerking her back and forth until it was over I let the vibe go still vibrating and hot it had 8 more minutes to go I lay back on the bed and watch her squirm and wriggle begging and pleading oooohhhh no more please take it off oooohhh I cant handle no more please no more oooohhhh its so hot she throws her head back eyes shut teeth clenched grunting over and over until it shut off.I go over and slowly untie the vibe her pussy still oozzzing and rope marks all insde it her clit twitching and throbing she gasps and falls limp I untie her feet letting her stand up turn around and look at your ass she mmmmmm she says this entire day has been one new experince after another and have never cum that intence before the combination of the bondage vibrations and the sting of the whip took me to places and sensations I,ve never felt before and absoulty loved it and want more I walk up kiss her deeply reach up untie her hands she brings them down around me and we stand there in a deep embrace.I take the retsraints and clothspins off and she has a pee,we put our robes on,she has a shower I have a smoke we just hang out together on the couch for a while she tells me she loved getting tied up but was very nervous and a little scared after she was tied to the bed and blindfolded I couldn't move or see anything,waiting complety helpless in the silence,but was something she wanted to do again.I ask her if she wanted to take control and I'll do any and everything you say.She says I can tie you up and you'll let me do anything to you?Anything under the sex bed you can use on me if you want.She gets a dirty look on her face smiles seductivly and says ok get up take that robe off and get face down on the bed and spread wide I get up and go get on the bed and spread my arms and legs wide she comes in and puts on the restraints on and cinches me down good I moan she says anything under the bed I say yes Im yours you can do anything you want to me.She looks everything over well.she grabs a hand full of things sets them out between my legs gets another couple things sets them in there goes there that should do for a while but first I'm going to whip your ass all welted like mine is,winds up and just smacks my ass oooh it was hard over again and again the sharp stinging pain was so great I put my head in the pillow and screaming out in agony,she ignores my screams and my begging for her to stop and whips me 50 times in total I was so turnd on from the pain she got on the bed between my legs and started to play with my pussy and asshole shoving her fingers in both holes driving me wild she has four in my pussy and workng three in and out my ass pulls them out and grabs a big dildo and rams it right back up my ass I start moaning loudly begging to get my ass fucked she pulles her fingers out of my pussy grabs the dildo with both hands and pounds that toy in deep and out as fast as she can,I am getting closer and she sences it and pulles it out and says not yet I'll let you know when you can cum,she gets up unties me tells me to roll over and put my legs up she puts the top straps on my ankle restraints pulled the straps until my legs were up almost touching wall behind my head and spread to the side all the way my ass up off the bed she puts my hands under my ass and clips them together I was spread so wide I was getting of on it she gets back on the bed put clothspins on my tits and rams her tounge down my throat she had all them on then got to work on my pussy I knew it was wet and gapped wide open she had her fist in easily was licking my clit as she pounded her fist hard I can fell my orgasm building getting closer I hold back until she starts fingering my ass too I moan out may I cum now I cant stop it any more oooohh here it cums she starts to lick and fuck me harder and as fast as she can we both moan loudly as I cum shooting goo every where her face hair bed soaked as I finish cumming she pulles her fist out fingers my ass for a bit longer giving me great after waves takes the clothspins off squeezes my tits for a while until I started getting off she kisses me hard as she unties me asks me if I liked that I grab her pull her on the bed and kiss her back harder ye that was fantastic how did you like doing that to me,she says its a great turn on when your tied up helpless and I do anything I want mmmmm ,but I like gettng more than giving I think,well I can keep you busy getting for a long time to cum I say.Want to order a pizza watch a movie and cozy up together on the couch tonight have a few drinks and see where that leads us.Angie say that sounds great being in your arms snuggled up against you make me fell so warm and safe I love when you hold me,I said holding you makes me fell the same way too I brush the hair away from her face kiss her gently.We get up order pizza,have a quick shower together put our jammies on the pizza shows up a few minutes later we chow down laughing and giggling as we eat like little school girls have a couple ice cold beers to wash down the pizza,she win the burping contest and says thanks for making me fell at home and loves spending time with me.I say your a beautiful woman inside and out and would love to spend more time with you in the future.She comes around the kitchen table sits on my lap gives me a big hug and says I want that too.We get the cushions all fluffed up and in order I put a clean blanket in the drier for few minutes while I have a smoke I come back in brush our teeth and get all comphy on the couch she just fits so nice on me the warm blanket make her moan softly we pick a ice age movie we both haven't seen we cozy up as it starts I didn't realize it was after 8:30 we both laugh at the movie I look down about half an hour later and she is out cold,her breathing slowing down as she drifts off I put my arms around her holding her gently I kiss her on the forehead whisper good night and let her sleep I watch the rest of the movie as it ends she wakes up She say its over? I said yes sweetheart,want to go to bed,yes she says,I shut things down we climb into bed she cozzies right up and gives my a big hug and nestles back down and I think we were asleep 10 minutes later.I woke up after 10:00 alone the smell of bacon in the air,she hears me and comes in says good morning sleepy head,I hope you don't mind I'm making us breakfast,I just started,I got bacon on and hash browns started how do you like your eggs I say sounds great I'll take my eggs over easy please I'll have a quick shower and be right out,it smells yummy,cool she says no hurry it will be a bit.I shower,shave everywhere do my hair put my housecoaton and go out to a set table shes putting the plates down kisses me says sit down eat it while its hot she was a fantastic cook everything was perfect I said that was delicious where did you learn to cook like that,my parents owened a restarant when I was growing up and my mom taught me.Well she did a fantastic job you can cook for me anytime.The kitchen was already cleaned up and couldn't tell it was used at all.I thank her again kiss her and go out for a smoke.As I come back I can hear her humming away in the shower,she was such a delight to be around,she's funny smart kinky very sexual and just georgous.She comes out of the bedroom in this long white sheer silk robe the sun shinning through it her silouete showing me her beautiful body I had to have her now.She looks at me and says ready for desert,undoes the string pulls it open and lets it fall to the floor,turns around and says follow me,she goes into the bedroom lays on the bed I get naked lay beside her kissing her deeply gently playing with her erect nipples running my hand up and down her tight belly and the silky soft skin of her inner thigh as I start to rub her clit she openes her legs moans and whispers yes I start to lick her nipples nibble on them lightly kissing and licking her belly slowly working my way down to her pussy I move around inbetween her legs I slowly lick her clit just touching it with the tip of my tounge up and down her tight pink slit lightly flicking her asshole then slowley back up to her clit she grabs the covers clenching the bed sheet in her fists moans out eat me eat my pussy lick me hard oooohhh baby give it to me I then mash my face in deep sucking in her clit hard put three fingers in her pussy and fucking her hard she starts bucking grabs my head shoving it in hard jamb my thumb up her ass just as she starts cumming her pussy tightens around my fingers she arches her back lifts her ass off the bed and screams out thats it oooohhh here it cums and gushes all over my face wave after wave finally lets go of my head I still keep licking her clit gently as she calms back down pull my fingers out slowly leaving my thumb for last I pull it out slowly she bucks a couple more times I come back up beside her we kiss get up a bit later we shower off quickly do each others hair.We get dressed I get a coffee and go out for a smoke, she comes out and we enjoy the early afternoon sun.She asks me if I would like to go to her place for the rest of the weekend,she would like me to see her place and cook a gourmet meal for me and spend the night as my slave.I said I would love to do that.We come in and pack up and head out the door, she lives 5 minutes from work,It's great she says we get there fairly quick not much traffic,I pull around back of this new condo complex I park in her second spot. As we go in it is just adorable a nice cosy two bedroom place just like her all bright and cheery she says please make yourself at home I want you to feel as at home here as I did in yours.Im going to start dinner prep she pops a bottle of wine pours me a glass I sit in the frontroom and we chat about things she is chopping washing flying around in there comes out ten minutes later there done for a while,more wine she fills mine back up and pours herself one we sit on the couch and start kissing she unbuttons my shirt starts playing with my boobs gently lays me down on the couch she spreads my legs climbs on top of me sinks her hips on mine starts grinding her pussy on mine I can fell the heat between our pants she is shoving her tounge down my throat and grinding our clits together I kiss her back and buck back with her thrusts getting me right off I lay back and begin to get right into it squeezing my tits humping me while getting a tounge shoved deep, she slowly comes to a stop gets off me and says I saw you packing a few sexy outfits want to put one on for me I go into her bedroom it looks very cosy and inviting I sit on the bed it is so soft I lay back and cant wait to be in it.I strip out of my clothes pic out a lime green teddy with stocking straps matching stockings and high heels the panties were crotchless that when opened up show everything.I walk back out shes in the kitchen I walk in do a 360 bend over pull my panties apart and look back up at her from between my legs stand back up she goes very nice I sit back down in the frontroom finish my wine,she has put the bottle in a ice bucket and set out some cheese and crackers and my favorite oysters,help yourself she said I'll be there in a sec.The smells coming from in there were getting stronger I asked her if I could help at all she says lay on the couch open your legs and get your pussy ready for a good licking,I lay back spread my legs wide pulled my panties apart and started to rub my clit my eyes close I fell her take my hand away and puts the hot tip of her tounge on my asshole and licking it up into my pussy then nibbling my erect clit I squeeze my tits and moan loudly letting out a gush of juice lubing my holes she spreads my lips wide sucking and bitting my clit harder and harder I scream out in exctasy making her suck and bite harder the pleasure of the sucking and the pain of the bitting was so good I grab the back of her head and shove my crotchin her face cumming on her face it was a very intence orgasm she didn't stop munching even after I let her head go and fell back on the couch I was then fingered in my holes she fingers me hard and fast sticking more fingers in each hole and fucking me hard sending me into a second orgasm minutes later she slows down and pulls them out mmmmm she says you wait thats only the tip of the iceberg ,I have to run down to the store and grab a couple of things be right back washes up and says be right back.I just lay there in after glow still tremmoring I look at her and say I'll be waiting right here.I have some more wine and enjoy some yummy cheeses and oysters.She comes back says I got everything now just let me get things in the oven and then we have a couple hours to fool around.The smells coming out of the kitchen were getting me hungry, she comes out a few minutes later takes off her clothes and says I've been a bad girl and I'm ready to be punished,we go into the bedroom she openes up her night stand its full of toys a nice leather strap all kinds of belts mens ties scarfs she says there should be everything here you need to punish me.I put her hands behind her back,grab a tie secure her wrists tightly palms out another tie is put around her elbows pulled tight until they touch I spin her around and start whipping her tits and nipples,she whimpers a little at first then grits her teeth sticks them out and grunts yes,yes,yes as I smack them harder and harder with the belt.I whip her nipples hard 5 more times each turn her around walk her up to the side of the bed bend her over face down on the bed spread her legs wide and tie them to the bed frame as I stand back and hold the belt by the buckle wind up above my head and let her have it both cheeks at once,screaming out ooowwwww I strike her again leaving dark red welts she takes 10 more on her ass then I turn a bit wind up behind my back come forward under hand and strap her pussy hard she jolts crys out no more please,I let her have it 5 more times until she started begging for it I gave her 10 more untied her arms she rubs her ass and pussy and moans loudly she says after the fourth or fifth one the seering pain was gone and it was hot and I almost came.I ordered her to pull her ass cheeks apart as wide as she can and hold them apart until she's told different.Her pink asshole was stretched wide and her pussy was open showing me all the welts on her lips and a good one across her clit it was all raised up and swollen it was stinging as pussy juice ran over it.I got a big vibrator and 2 egg shapped ones put them between her legs bent down behind her and stuck my tounge in her asshole in and out darting it around inside she moaned out and her whole body relaxed letting her asshole open up a bit I pull my tounge out its still open about an inch or less I say keep it open and put an egg on her asshole and it pushes in easely I shove two fingers in right behind it and shove it in her ass deep turn it on full and watch it disappear as I pull my fingers out she gushes on to the bed and cries a bit as her juices sting her whipped pussy I take the second one and shove it in as far as I can too turn it on and watch as she trembles and shakes as they dissapear out of sight and cant hear them vibrating any more I fell her belly and there in so deep I can feel her tummy vibrating I push more wire in and put the controls on her back grab the big vibe turn it on and start working it in her pussy deep stabbing strokes and then holding it in deep I shove three fingers in her asshole and twist them around in and out as I fuck her pussy hard as I shove it in deep juice gushes out over and over she goes limp and starts to cum she's moaning and starts to tremor and shake as wave after wave surge through she pushes back against me as one last huge wave of her orgasm I hold everything in deep and watch as her holes convulce around my fingers and the huge toy as she calms down I take the dildo out as a gush of juice oozzes out I wriggle my fingers in her ass a bit and pull them out I grab the wires and start to pull the eggs out and I pilled out a foot of wire before I got to the eggs as I pulled them out slowley one at a time she cooed and twitched and had a couple of after spasms Ithen told her she could let her cheeks go now as she did her asshole slowley went back to its little self her open oozing bruised pussy was still convulcing clit throbbing so I said that will do for now untied her legs and she looked in the mirror right away and loved her beating.All over her tits lower back ass pussy the back and inner parts of her thighs were covered in deep red welts with big purple bruises, she comes over kisses me and says let me get supper on the table then after supper I wan't to be tied up in all different kinds of positions and be punished very hard puts on a long shirt and starts supper I put on a long coat of hers and have a smoke out on her back stairs come back in she has supper almost on the table I sit down pour a glass of wine we had a roast beef dinner with all the trimmings,we start out with a tossed salad and home made dressing clam chowder soup some more wine then roast beef thinly sliced mashed potatos gravy and creamed corn,it was absoultly delicous we ate she cleaned up I went out for a smoke and when I came back in she was standing there naked and says I'm ready for more punishment.I took her into the bedroom we stripped the bed down to the bed sheet she got me a couple of old towles I put them on the bed order her to get on the bed put your back against the headboard sitting up legs together arms staight out to your sides on the top rail of the headboard the headboard is a nice wood one a top and bottom rail run across and wood slats run vertically with a space in between them I tie her hands to the top rail and wrap it around the rail and her arm between the slats to her elbows one tie around her knees and one around her ankles tied to the footboardIget on the bed sit on her legs facing her put a scarf over her eyes and took two more ties and started to tie up her boobs I wrap it around once pull it tight she squeels with delight I wrap it around five or six more times pulling it tighter each wrap I then let her sit there for a few minutes.I go into the kitchen and grab the candles she lit for supper sneak back in light it and let a drop go on her tit she gasped in deeply grits her teeth and grunts oooohhh yes I then start to drip it allover her tits it runs down over her nipples drip it on her belly and drip it on her crotch I start to hold it closer as she gets more wax on her I drip it until her crotch is full of wax her tits are covered nipples hard and I finish the candle off dripping right on her nipples she is screaming out every time a drop hit them then moaning and begging for more I let her sit for a bit letting the wax cool and harden.I get back on the bed and sit on her legs facing her again and start slapping the wax off her tits I grab her nipples between my thumb and finger squeeze hard she winces a bit I pull them hard she crys out in pain and says thats it make it hurt good I grab her boobs squeeze them hard sinking my nails in hard she sticks her chest out oooowwww thats good ooowwww yes more harder I get off her go to the nightstand grab a narrow belt fold it in half and start to lash her tits hard I stop for a second then I give her one across her upper legs It makes her jump wincing tencing up for the next one I go back and forth from her tits and thighs for a long time.I untie her legs spread them wide and rubbed the wax off her raw red pussy slap it several times untie her and tell her to get on the floor on your back now pull your legs up and grab your anckles with your hands,arms on the inside of your legs I tied her wrists tightly around her ankles all the way to her elbows and knees spread wide still blindfolded covered in welts and bruises I squat on her face tell her to eat my dirty cunt I lean over her and spank her pussy her screams muffled as I rub my wet pussy allover her face each smack getting her closer and closer I get up and tell her I'm getting that big leather strap out and I'm going to whip your pussy and ass until you cum for me she just moans and wait for it to begin Its about a foot long and three inches wide three layers thick and quite stiff I grab it by the handle and hit my hand wow what a strap I get on my knees beside her strap her ass lightly three times she coooes softly then I strike her hard going across both cheeks and over her pouting snatch she jerks around crying out I keep hitting her hard over again and again leaving a perfect imprint of the strap across her ass and pussy,she starts to moan louder and louder everytime I strike her.Her pussy is now gushing out and over her ass and on the floor I tell her cum for me and a whack cum for me another whack I shove two fingers in her ass and twist them around as I spank her very hard and as fast as I can she screams out here it cums and starts bucking and crying out ooooohhhh here it cums ooohhhh I'm cumming I stop spanking and start sucking her clit hard I wrap my hands around her thighs bury my face in her snatch and go for the ride as she bucks violently spraying me with so much cum juice I lick and suck on it until she stops movind and just lays there shivering and twitching in after shocks pleasure.I untie her she looks at herself in the mirror is totally happy and says this will 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are hooking up, so stay tuned until next time!!!!
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