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Wife wanted Prince Charming but what she got was a lot better. (True Story)
22 August 2012

M y wife and I are in our mid 30's. I am black with a athletic stocky frame. She is hispanic with a petite frame. We had been married for over 10 years when we we decided to live our sexual fantasies.

My fantasy is to see my wife have sex with another man. Why??? I don't know. It's just when we started dating My wife, whenever my wife had to much to drink, would tell me about her past lovers. The more she drink, the more details she would tell me. I would get mental pictures as she was telling me about lovers. Whats was funny is she would never tell me anything like that if she was completely sober. She would admit to having a ex-boyfriend and thats about it.

My wife name is Maria. Her fantasy is to have sex with with a young, good looking, white man to be specific. There goes that saying of "Once you go black..." Well that is her fantasy, so oh well. The problem was that Maria felt she would be very uncomfortable having sex in front of me. So to compromise, she would videotape her sexcapades with other men. I love having sex with Maria. She is one of those ladies that you don't have to wonder if she had an orgasm. She trembles, shakes, and buck her hips wildly when she has an orgasm. I would love to see if another make her orgasm the way I make her do.

It took us a few months to finally get up enough nerves to plan on doing anything. Maria went out on a few dates with white guys and the sex she recorded was terrible to say the least.The first guy was handsome fitness model. He had the pearl white teeth, broad hairless chest, slim waist, and abs of steel. I was very nervous when my wife left the house. I was wondering what she was doing and if she was doing it, and how....etc. My mind was racing the whole night. I couldn't stand it so I called her every 30 minutes or so to see how the night was progressing. Finally she got mad and told me she's going back to his place and not to call her she will call me. About an hour later she called and said she was on her way home. When she came home she immediately gave me the Video camera. She was right this guy was an Adonis. The whole package. The problem was...well...his package. He had the smallest dick she ever seen. Poor guy!!! I've never felt so sorry for an individual in my life. He did give her great oral sex, but when she tried to return the favor, it was downright comical. When he climbed on top of her, I could easily tell Maria was faking it. What a waste of time. Me and Maria had a good laugh.

The next guy she went out with was good-looking, guy in his early 20's. He was tall, skinny wanna-be cowboy. She met him in a chat room online. He bragged to her about how good he was in bed. He told her all the things he was going to do to her and how he was going to make her leave me. Well when it was showtime, he act as if he never been with a girl before. When they got undress he seem like this was his first time with a girl. He was past nervous and close to having an anxiety attack. She had to calm him down and put off doing anything with him, because she was afraid he might start hyperventilating. We had another good laugh. It just seem like we were having bad luck with guys.

A few weeks later she told me about a very handsome guy she met in the mall. He was a big, tall, blonde curly haired football player home from college. I put in the video and saw them kissing and getting undress. This guy was a behemoth next to my wife. I was wondering how in the hell was she going to have sex with this big boy. He had to be at least 6'6" and close to 300 lbs. The Behemoth removed her painties and started fingering her. She was moaning ang really getting into it. Then her moaning got louder, and louder and just when she was about to climax he stopped WTF!?!?! OK! We'll chalk that up to being young and dumb. Now he climbed on top of her and big boy started off with a bang. He had the whole bed rockin, but after 30 seconds he was thru...finish...Kaput... spent. DAMN!!! He wasn't even a minuteman! I guess he was a little to excited. He apologized as he started putting his close back on. Maria was laying there like "Thats it"? We had another good laugh but had pretty much given up on finding a suitable white boytoy for her.

A few months later she came home and she had a very stressful day at work. She desperately wanted to do something to help her wind down. I had to go to work for a few hours to check on a few things, so I couldn't help. She wanted to go over a friend house to chill and look at some girlie movies. At the last minute her friend called and cancelled their little get together. Maria was about to go to bed when a young guy name Brad called and asked her to go out. He was the bartender at a club. Whenever he would see Maria and her friends he would give them free drinks. None of the girls were attracted to Brad. She talked to Brad for a few minutes and said why not. She didn't have anything else to do. She remembered that whenever she talk to him, he always made her laugh. He just wasn't her type. He was someone she was not attracted to at all. He wasn't ugly, but he wasn't very handsome either. He didn't have a bad physique, but you can tell he never saw the inside of a gym. . He wore his dark hair too long for her taste. He was in his late 20's, but could still past for a college freshman. She knew she wouldn't do anything with him since she wasn't really attracted to him. I insisted she take the camera just in case. She got the camera, but told me it was a waste of time. Nothing is going to happen with the funny, out-of-shape, long hair, funny White boy.

Maria would call me from time to time to let me know where she was at and what time to expect her home. She said she was having a good time and that Brad was a great guy. He had her laughing alot and she needed that. She called and said they would be going out to local club. I asked if there was a possibility she would be hooking up with Brad. Maria said "Absolutely not!" I was kinda let down, but this is her fantasy too. I want to see her have sex, but with someone she really want to do it with. Plus I want it to be with someone who can really give her a good fucking. I knew deep down that Brad the Bartender isn't the man for the job.

So with that I nodded off. When I woke up I noticed that I had been asleep for a few hours. Maria should have been home buy now. All of the bars should've been closed by now. I got worried and immediately called my wife. When she answered the phone I asked "Where are you"? She whispered "I'm at Brad's apartment. I asked why and she said "What do you think I'm having sex". I thought she was joking and started to get into an argument with her until I heard the bed making noise. I said "with who". Maria whispered "Brad" I quickly stopped talking and asked her to let me listen. She reluctantly put the phone down and I could barely hear them. I could hear her moaning, but that was about it. After 3 minutes she picked up the phone and said they were finished and she would be home soon. 3 MINUTES?!? Oh well...I guess funny boy didn't work out either.

When Maria came home, she put the DVD in the DVD player and went into the bathroom to take a shower. I asked her how was it and she just said "it was okay". Sound like another dud to me. I started watching the video and watched as this young, pale, guy start kissing my wife and undressing her. He took off her panties and he went down on her. She started rolling her hips and moaning. Than he inserted 1 finger while he was licking her. She got a little louder. He started moving his fingers in and out of her and licking her at the same time. She was getting louder and louder. After about a minute of that My wife had one of her body trembling orgasm. Finally!!! We have a winner!!. After she calmed down, it was her time to return the favor. Brad took off his pants and It look like the little funny guy is packing. I could tell by the look on Maria face she was surprise at the size of Brad cock. She said his it wasn't that big, but it had a lot of girth. She barely could fit it in her mouth and wondered how if she would be able to get it into her.

Then I remember they only had sex for a few minutes. So I fast forward till I saw him getting on top of her and start having sex with her. Wow. The camera was at a perfect angle for me to see him slide into her. He started off very slow and was always kissing her. Something that my wife loves. It was slow and steady for about 2 minutes than he cradled her legs with his forearm and started going faster. I heard my wife starting to moan louder. He went a little faster and I could tell she was about to cum. It was great to see her legs twitching in his forearm and her toes look like they were fighting each other. He stopped briefly to put her legs on his shoulder. I heard her warn him that she is not very flexible. Brad started pumping her real slow. She started laughing nervously expecting it to hurt. She was in mid sentence telling him not to go to deep, when he started pounding her hard and fast. She immediately started moaning.

He is banging her so hard, the sound of their skin slamming into each other is echoing off the wall. Maria is having one of her patented, over the top, body quivering orgasm. Her legs are trembling and she's trying to move her ankles off of Brad's shoulder. Whenever Maria orgasm, she make me stop screwing her so she can catch her breathe and let her intense orgasm subside. Brady don't know this rule and he's not letting Maria take her legs off his shoulder. She is saying "Stop" and than the next second shes screaming "Fuck Me, Fuck Me".

Brad start trying to kiss her while he still has her leg on his shoulder. So now her ankles is by her nose. Maria can't kiss him, because she is almost screaming from what he is doing to her. He now grab her ankles and pushes them down by her earhole. Something I thought was damn near impossible for her to do. I never have been abe to get her in that position. He is pounding her good, hard and deep. If it's possible to be pissed, happy, jealous and turned on at the same time? I am. She is having an major orgasm from all the pounding. Brad finally eases up and let catch her breathe. Brad looked down at her and said "You don't know how long I wanted to fuck you and one of your friends" Maria Looked at him with a puzzled look on her face because up till then Brad was a gentleman". She said "what are you talking about? He said "You and your friends have been teasing and laughing at me for years. You didn't think I was good enough for you hungh?" Maria said about to say something when Brad grabs her ankles and start fucking her real hard again. Maria was cumming again. But this time she was saying "I'm sorry, I'm Sorry Brad" as he was fucking her. Brad stopped and got off of her. When he did she was still trembling. He stands on the side of the bed looking down on her and ask if she is OK. She laughs him off, and tell him she will be alright.

Brad said I've been dreaming about this for a long time. Brad suddenly grabs her legs and turns her onto her stomach. Maria is very surprise and really not sure what he is up to. Maria and I don't have rough sex, so she was kinda pissed that Brad grabbed her like that. He grabs her by the hips and pulls her onto her knees. Brad enters her while he is standing on the side of bed and she is on all four. Maria said she was about to curse him out, but before she can say anything Brady is pounding her hard. She immediately starts moaning and feeling another orgasm coming on. Maria won't allow me to grab her hair whenever we do it doggystyle. She thinks it's very disrespectful. So I was surprise to see Brad grab a fistful of her hair. Brad was pulling on her hair as he was roughly fucking her doggystyle. Maria reaches back with on hand to grab his hand and make him stop pulling her hair, so I thought. Maria said she was trying to make him stop screwing her so she can catch her breathe. She usually collapse onto the bed to make me stop, but the way brad had her by her the hair she couldn't make him stop. Maria is letting out a guttural groan everytime Brad thrust himself into her. Brad is laughing out load and tells Maria to say "I'm sorry again". Maria said "No". Brad said I'm not going to stop until you say your sorry. He than start ramming his dick into her so hard you can hear their skin smacking together. After about 30 seconds of this Maria Screams out "I'm Sorry". Brad fucks her for a few more seconds and than he stops. When brad finally let her hair go, Maria quickly collapse onto the bed. She falls onto the bed with her hands beween her ler legs as if he's trying to stop something from coming out of her.

She wants her orgasm to subside. Maria turns over on her back and put both arms out to brad as if she's trying to say "I've had enough". She barely can talk. All she is saying is "Oh my God". Maria really underestimated the out-of-shape, funny Bartender. As Brad start making his way into the bed, Maria is saying " Wait, Wait". Brad looks at her and with a menacing look on his face he tells my wife "I'm not though with you yet" He roughly turns her over doggystyle and goes to town. He wants to make her cum again and again. Brad taunts her by asking her if if she's going to keep teasing him. Everytime she hesitate in answering him, he pumps her harder. Whnenevershe give him the answer he wants, he'll slow down and let her catch her breathe. Brad than puts his hand on her shoulder and thrusting into her as hard as he can. She starts cumming, but this time he don't let up. One second she is telling him to stop and the next second she is screaming "HARDER...HARDER"!! She finally collapse onto the bed and her legs are trembling like she is having convulsions. He falls with her, keeping himself inside her. He than lock her legs inside his, so she can't move and start long stroking her. Her legs are constantly trembling and twitching. There is nothing she can do to make him stop. DAMN...He's trying to kill her.

Maria is laying on her stomach as Brad is laying on top of her and nibbling on her ear. Just when it look like Brad is making love to her, he leans up and with one hand, roughly holds Maria head onto the mattress. He's asking her over and over do she like it. Maria is screaming "YES, YES" . Brad tells her to look into the camera and tell your husband your cumming. At first Maria wouldn't say it. Brad is fucking her hard as he can. He kept telling her to say it. Finally Maria looks into the camera and screams 'I'm Cumming, I'm Cumming...Please stop I'm Cumming". As she is screaming I can see brads face with a big smile on it. Brad has total control of my wife. He's taunting her and making her orgasm at his will. For the next 30 minutes Brad continue to alternate between slowly and sensually making love to her, which she likes. Than he is roughly screwing her as hard as humanly possible, which I like. It look like both of our fantasy was fulfill by Brad the Bartender.

He turns her over and again put her legs on his shoulder. This time his strokes are slow and deep. He is kissing her, so now her ankles are by her earhole. He is going very, very slow with her and she has another orgasm. Thats when the phone rings, and guess who she is talking to? My wife walks out of the shower and I say to her. "I thought you said he was ok"? She said "He was" I said "Well if that was OK, I can't wait to see someone who is great with you". She said "Well look into the mirror". Thanx baby!!!
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