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17 December 2012

Now I met Tara for the first time about two years ago when the new bloke at work, Brad, introduced her to us all at the knock off drinks on Friday. Now I've seen some sexy little sluts getting around but when I met her I knew she was another class all together, skinny little tanned up body with great legs and nice bum, her tits perfectly fit into the rest of her and under her long blonde hair and blue eyes was the cutest little cheeky smile. This chick was fuckin smoking hot and she knew it..

I seen her from time to time over the next few months but it wasn't until I invited them to a party at home one weekend that we really got to know each other. Now myself and my fiancée Mel had invited about twenty people over but normally by midnight it has thinned out, this year was the same story, midnight rolled past and it was myself, two other couples Dave and sue and Pete and Sharon who were getting friendly out back , Sally the admin girl had found her way inside with Robert and Jeff from work and they were nice and lively on the lounges , Brad was sitting at the bar with my gorgeous finance Mel and his young wife Tara on the other side pouring all sorts of cocktails and shooters for the three of them to devour.

We sat at the bar drinking as we watched the girls dancing around in front of us making sure they skanked It up all over each other, Robert and Jeff were watching on and Sally seemed to be getting comfortable with the boys on the lounge. Mel grabbed Tara 's wrist and dragged her off up the hallway so me and Brad headed out back to join the others. By now everyone was smashed and gettin crazy, Pete and Dave had arranged to swap partners for the night if they all agreed on the night and after feeding there women enough booze they said there goodbyes to head home and fuck each others wives, the girls joined us out the back and we told them what happened so it left just us and the three inside. We finished a drink and headed inside to where the others were and straight away could hear the sounds of someone moaning. I looked over to see young Sally our chubby little admin girl on her back  her skirt pushed up and her tits  popped out the top,  her legs spread with Jeff knelt in front of her, his head buried into her thighs, Robert who was who was a lot older than Sally was kneeling to the side of her head as she tilted her mouth down to take his cock in her lips. This chubby young girl was getting doubled on the lounge in front of us all and she was loving it.

By now Mel was dripping wet and I reckon Tara would have to be too as we watched little Sally getting two cocks inside her, Brad moved back to the seat at the bar with Tara standing in front of him, her hand s reaching backwards to grab his hard cock and after a few seconds of massaging it she let loose, she turned around and ripped he's jeans apart, once his cock was out she went to work sucking it and she went like a pro, I grabbed Mel and pushed her to her knees so I could jam her mouth full of cock, being that she was pissed now it was anything goes tonight, rough stuff, gagging , she would be up for anything. As Mel choked on my cock I watch Tara deep throating brads thick shaft and she loved every bit of it. By now Sally was screaming the place down as the both took turns fucking her hard on the lounge, all her clothes ripped off completely by now and she just laid there holding her knees apart as she copped some old cock.

Tara stood up and pulled her dress off , leaving her in just a lacy bra and panties and a pair of heels, take it off she told Mel and Mel quickly copied her in stripping down, Mel's body was awesome , long legs with tight abs and nice perky little tits, short brown hair just perfect for really fucking rough and hard. Mel went completely naked and before resuming on my cock Tara dragged her into her and started kissing her lips passionately, they kissed for a few seconds before pulling away and dropping back to there knees. I moved over next to brad and signaled for Mel to swap with tara, they didn't even hesitate or miss a beat , Tara dropped in front of me and grabbed my hard cock, looking up at me with the bigger shaft in her hand, she wanted that big long cock in her mouth and she started really sucking it good.. Mel started jamming her head onto brads cock until he got up the nerve to really punish her, eventually he was face fucking her hard and she loved it , I took it slower with Tara so she could adjust to the gagging and she seemed to love it as I got faster and faster, next she started tearing up and the spit pooled up on my knob with every thrust down her throat. Struggling to breathe I would give her short spurts then let her catch her breathe , tearing streaming down her cheeks and she still loved it. What a good girl.

Now brad had a fist full of Mel's hair her head pulled back mouth wide open while he jerked his huge load all over her mouth and face , I grabbed hold of Tara's head and told her to take it all, she almost choked but got it all before I stopped her and told her to stand up. She stood in front of me and I ripped her panties off her, bra come off next until it was just heels and stockings, this tiny little bitch was gonna get it hard and I couldn't wait, I spun her around and bent her over the side of the chair, her tiny arse in front of me as I forced my cock in from behind her until her wet little cunt took it inside her, slowly first until she felt it all then started to get nasty, holding her tiny arse cheeks apart I started smashing her little box and she started screaming like a whore, Sally stopped sucking on Jeff's cock to watch me pound this little slut. Mel had dragged brad over to the lounge where Sally was and she sat on the edge getting him hard again,  she took turns on roberts and his cocks until the were good to go again and then she positioned the guys so she could ride both cocks at once, one in her arse and one in her cunt just how she liked it.

I couldn't hold on any longer and ripped out just in time to spray her back with my hot load, she knelt there shaking from the length inside her and tilted her head back to watch Mel getting dped by brad and Robert while Sally tried to get Jeff hard again. I walked over to Sally and told her to put mine in her mouth and she swallowed it up. As soon as it was hard enough I asked her if she wanted it inside her, she almost begged me to fuck her so I laid the chubby little bitch down and fed her some good cock.. By now Mel had three cocks in her one in her arse one in her cunt and one in her mouth. She was loving it. I smashed as much as I could in Sally before i was ready for load number two. Sally coped another load and laid back satified. Tara was watching on as Mel took everything they could give her, the two older boys finished up and dropped off leaving brad smashing his cock into her arse, swap baby she told me and I got in behind Mel to feed my cock in her arse, Mel called Tara over to her and Tara leaned down to pash her furiously, Brad got behind her and started pumping her wet puss before she positioned herself next to Mel, as soon as brad put it in her tight arse she turned to water and erupted in a screaming orgasm that rocked them both.  Mel took a bit longer but eventually that cock in her arse made her burst her juices all over the lounge and she collapsed completely fucked in a heap on the couch.

After we fixed ourselves up and got some clothes back on we all managed to have a few more drinks and it turned into a quality night. Thanks to our chubby little admin girl Sally for letting the two old fellas double her in font of everyone, that really set the set the mood for everyone to let loose. Stay tuned for next time we get Sally over for a drink, anything could happen....
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