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My Shameful Secret!
19 May 2014

We have to be really careful about our sex life, as the neighbours are gossips and there's no way we can let our friends and family find out. We've only indulged in a very few things involving others during our marriage. However, before we committed to having kids and concentrating on that, I knew I needed to get my desires out of my system. So this was some years ago.

The outcome of many conversations was that hubby was great about it. He trusted me enough to agree to me doing it, if it could be secret. We decided to go abroad, somewhere known for sun and sex, where I could go wild and let my hair down. I bought lots of raunchy lingerie and toys on my days around town before we went.

I was nervous but excited. Hubby was too. He knew I was going to go with other guys, and he'd be there to chaperone me or wait nearby if the guy didn't want to be watched and I wanted the guy enough to ask hubby to leave us be for a while. I would wear my anklet and toe rings and encourage guys I fancied to flirt with me. When I was going to do the dirty, I'd slip my watch up my arm as a sign.

My first was a guy with dreadlocks, which I love. He was working at the hotel and chatted me up in the bar. I felt myself blushing as I got round to explaining our arrangement. He took me to his flat, and hubby waited in the kitchen as he had me in his bed. It was such a rush, I remember it like a blur. He ravished me in loads of positions, and he was really good. I reached climax so easily and more than once.

Hubby was hornier than ever back in our room, but I was a bit sore then, so I pulled him off while recounting all about my fling with the sexy rastafarian. He came once then tried to hold back as I recounted more. When I sweetly explained I'd been invited on a boat trip the next day with the guy and his friend, he became less controlled. When I smiled at hubby telling him I'd promised to let them spit roast me, and I'd feel bad letting them down after a promise, he groaned and shot his load high in the air.

Next day I did. Hubby and I went on the boat, and they took us a few miles out. He waited on deck, as they had me down in the cabin. I was in ecstasy. Eventually we went on deck and let him see. I threw him my panties to let him wank into, as the guys fucked my mouth and came all over my tits. He said nothing but made my panties very spermy.

I had a few more guys during the holiday. Luckily some were really into cuckolding a husband as he watches and beats off. In those cases I would usually have hubby suck my feet as the guy had me. It was so delicious. He liked to cum when the guy did, banging his cock into my legs and feet as my lover filled my pussy with spunk. Whenever hubby saw me talking to someone, and I was interested in the guy buttering me up, I'd wave across at hubby, but give the horned hand sign! Discreet enough so oblivious bystanders would think I was just being cool with the metal gesture! :)

Toward the end of the holiday, I was approached by the hotel owner. The word had got about that I was up for cuckold sex, obviously. Over drinks he made his proposal that we could have the best room free and free booze and food for the last few days, if I would make myself available to his desires. It was one of the only times I've seen hubby blush, as I teased his bulge with my foot beneath the table and cheerfully agreed to that. The owner then elaborated what his desires were. They were more kinky than I'd experienced with the other guys. Poor hubby came in his pants under my stroking toes as I agreed to even the rudest of demands from the hotelier.

Over the next few days I was put through my paces and I admit I loved it. I began to encourage hubby's secret submissive side and enjoy his embarrassment as he watched me being a right tart.

The owner liked to spank me in my schoolgirl uniform, especially in his office. My behind was red as a tomato by the end of each night. I don't often do anal either, but he wanted my bum too. It was such a dirty thrill taking his arrogant dick right up my arse, and saying "Yes Sir!" when he demanded my bottom. He liked to poke things up my bum, too. Carrots, bananas, etc. He was very rude. He called me his little fairy, as I'm small, and said he would prostitute me to selected hotel staff.

He did. Hubby was unaware that something was arranged for dinner one evening. I was flirting with the handsome dusky waiter. I excused myself and left my bag and drink for hubby to mind, as I went to the bathroom. Poor hubby, when his mobile bleeped. He'd been sent a nice little present. A vid clip. Me, leaning over the sink, naked but for bra and stockings. My bra yanked down and the waiter mauling my titties as I looked in trembling excitement at myself in the mirror. The waiter's big dark shaft wedged into my bumhole and thrusting lustily! It was taken by the hotel maid, Martha. She was laughing out loud, and egging us on. She didn't seem to like hubby anyway.She called him again and made him listen as the waiter came up my arse. He was bright red at the table on my return. Yet he was polite to the waiter, no matter how much he was grinned at.

The hotelier continued to have me each night. His secretary, a rather bossy woman, liked to watch too, it turned out. She'd frig herself off and help him to order me about. She'd tickle my pussy and spank me too. Used her belt on me one day, leaving my buttocks and thighs all red and smarting hot.
At one point I was made to worship her feet as my conqueror fucked me. He swore in his own language as he had both my holes, bum after fanny. Her feet were salty and I looked at hubby as I pushed my tongue between her toes, groaning in climax. He looked away but spunked in my panties all the same.

I remember climaxing on my hand again as I knelt and took the hotelier's hot semen on my tongue as the finale.

Nobody knows about this but hubby and those few people abroad. It's our dirty secret!
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