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Submissive wife
13 June 2014

An intro to start.
For many years I have lived as a happily married American housewife but underneath there was always something missing, on top of that having a husband uninterested in sex made me turn to chat rooms on the internet.

They all seemed the same lots of guys saying have you got a webcam show me your tits or similar. Then one evening I signed into an English DOM/sub room by accident at first the comments all seemed the same and I was about to exiy when a message popped up saying HI and welcome to the room. I replied and soon had started a long conversation with this Man thousands of miles away. He didnt seem like the others as he never told me to show myself just chatted about his day and asked about mine and my family. Sure we talked about sex but only in a casual way and as I thought I would never meet him I was probably more open with him than normal.

This went on for months and a few phone calls as well, and I realised I wanted to sleep with him and I told him so. His response was well tell me when you are coming over and I will make arrangements for your stay, But he added once we meet if you decide to go through with it I will expect total control over you while you are here. If you change your mind when we meet then I shall not force you to do anything.

I made the plans and told him when I was flying to the UK he said he would meet me at the airport and true to his word there he was waiting fir me as I exited. He took me to his car and placed my bags in the trunk and said we are doing to Devon a nice place I have booked you will enjoy it, we drove off and he stopped shortly after at a roadside diner saying you must be hungry and thirsty after your fligh and took me in for lunch.

Whiel eating he asked how I was feeling and did I want to go ahead. God I thought I so want this man to use me as his plaything so I said yes I want you to use me as your slave, He smiled at me and said go out to the car and get a dress or skirt and top and change out of those trousers then, you are also to remove your panties and Bra as I dont allow my slaves to wear them. Having done as I was told we left the diner and he made me travel with my pussy exposed until we reached the cottage he had hired.

Once inside he told me to strip so he could examine me I turned round and round naked in front of him until he pushed me down on the bed and taking my ankles in his hands spread my legs and lifted them back over my shoulders and before I knew it I felt his hard cock driving into me, opening and stretching me as never before, the next 30 minutes or so I was in that position having orgasm after orgasm as he took me deeply and forcefully until he finally filled my body with his scalding seed, causing me to once again irgasm like never before.

As we rested I asked him what would he have done if I had tild him I wasnt on contraception and begged him to pull out. His answer was he would have done exactly the same for as I had agreed to be his slave it was his choice to cum in me or not, not mine.

The next two weeks were spent with him teaching me about submitting and I enjoyed every moment of it and will tell mire in my next letter.

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