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27 June 2014

Stories are great things, once it's done you can reply it again and again and enjoy your adventure like it's the first time,I decided to send this story in after reading other stories on this site and getting very turned on and hope others get horny reading mine.
I drink in a small club in our town it's a nice place where most people know each other,I was in there one Sunday afternoon having a cold one and reading the papers a husband and wife and two kids came in,not knowing them as they sat next to me I said hello and introduce myself they said they had just moved into the village and said there names were mike and Hayle we passed sometime just chatting and after about an hour I left,I must say hayle had made,an impression on me a sweet little blonde,with a beautiful smile and tiny figure could not help but fancy her she was just so sexy it was hard to keep my eyes off her,a couple of times she leaned down to reach her child in a pushchair and I could see down her white vest top,I felt guilty looking but could not take my eyes off her,once I pretended to be texting someone and got a crafty photo off, not very good but enough to wank over when I got home.
A couple of days later I was in the local shop buying the paper when I heard a voice say "fancy a coffee with that" it was Hayle "sounds good where?" "I have just dropped the boys at play school come to my place if you like" after a short walk we arrived at here house walked in and she said "make yourself at home, I will get the coffee" I sat at the table and watched her make the coffee not knowing really what to say "so what brings you here?" "I don't know what to say to that, we are having a bit of trouble at the moment Mike had a fling with a tart where we used to live so I said we should move and start a fresh but it's very hard to forgive and forget" " she must have been some woman" I said, "you are gorgeous " she looked at me and went a bit red,"wish mike felt like that" she came up to the table and sat down with the coffees, as we talked about her problems I could tell she was getting a bit upset so I put my hand on hers and moved a bit closer I looked into her eyes and brushed away a tear,she put her head on my shoulder and I stroked her hair, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath,even though it was a moment for comfort I could not help my hand slide down her back,she looked up at me " sorry I hope I haven't upset you,it's just nice to have someone to talk to,and it's nice to have a pair of hand on me again " I lent down and we kissed our mouths not sure what to do or how far to go," I pick the kids up at one,come on" she stood up and reached her hand out and took mine and led me upstairs we walked into the bedroom and she sat me on the bed, stood only a couple of feet in front of me she pulled her t-shirt over her head and undone her black bra,"are you sure "I asked she nodded let it fall to the floor,her small breasts were in front of me and her hard nipples only inches from my mouth, she leaned forward offering them to me.I sucked them and run my tongue around the outside making them even harder,she put her head back and let out a soft moan "that feels fucking great" my cock was so hard and I gave it a gentle rub as I sucked, I then put my arms around her and pulled her into me.kissing her soft flesh down to her jeans,I undone the top button and kissed again then pulling the zip down I buried my head in to her black silk knickers the smell was I pulled her jeans to the floor her underwear was black and seethrough I couId see the hairs of her cunt shaved but about a inch of hair running up the middle,I stroked it with my middle finger and then pulled them down, there she stood naked I run my hands all over her body pulled her to me and on top of me we kissed,I turned her onto her back and sucked her tits and slid my fingers into her cunt then moved down and replaced my fingers with my tongue, she was a beautiful sight laying there and I got up and removed my clothes my cock sprung out and I gave it a wank looking at the vision in front of me,it felt good feeling the air on my body and I was very turned on she smiled and said "I don't think we can fuck that would make me as bad as that cunt of a husband of mine,wank over my body" she lay there with her legs apart and played with her nipples and put two fingers in her wet pushy,I took my cock in my hand and started to wank she sat up and held my cock for the first time she spat at the head of my cock and rubbed me up and down I felt I was coming and then she took me in her mouth cupping my balls with her other hand I started to tremble as my climax approached she turned over and put her little bum up in the air send said" now wank and cum over my arse as I finish myself off I pulled at my cock and after only a couple of tugs my hot spank shot over her bum and down her back, I fell to my knees and stuck my face into her cunt and after only a couple of licks she too climaxed, laying there breathing heavy and sweating I walked to the bathroom and wiped my cock and Hayle come in behind me smiled and stepped into the shower "thanks, let yourself out" was all she said. I left her showering and turned and looked at her through the glass door,my cock moved and that was a vision and a day I will never forget as I left I picked her knickers up and sniffed them I could still smell her juice on them, I put them in my pocket and left.
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