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early days
01 August 2014

Where do I begin? I met my wife through friend of a friend I was married at the time but the attractions was so strong we started an affair and in the end after a messy divorce we got together and ended up married and after 8 years are still crazy about each other,with my first wife sex was so boring not that I need bondage or anything like that but fucking a woman who only moves when she needs a tv remote was not what I needed, with my wife now I have everything want in bed and out,
When we first got together I decided that there would be no lies and we would have no secrets from each other,Jane had a few men before me and if I asked her anything about them she would tell no lies and I was the same, one night we had a few drinks and lay in bed kissing and exploreing each others body's when she asked me if I had ever sucked a cock,I was not going to lie and told her I had,she seemed abit taken aback but asked me to tell her about it,
"I was about 22 when it happened the guy next door was a good mate and we grew up together, he was a bit older than me"
"tell me about the cock sucking"
"we had been to see a band, about 8 of us then we all went back to his place for a few beers,after an hour I must have passed out because as I was laying on the sofa I felt a hand on my cock, I opened one eye and looked and saw Jim he looked at me and smiled I closed my eye again and lay there not sure what to do but it sure felt good. I felt him get up and I looked to see where he had gone, he was next to me taking his clothes off I lay back and I felf his hands back on my cock, he undone my belt and jeans and pulled them down, my cock sprung out and stuck in the air hard, he wanked me and I looked at him and smiled reached out and grabbed his rock hard dick and pulled it to my mouth,I sucked his cock and stroked his balls, I felt his tense up and knew he was close to coming I was not going to stop I kept sucking until i felt his cum shot into my mouth. I grabbed my cock and wanked myself off as he bit my nipples and stuck a finger up my arse my cum shot out and splashed his face and he used his finger to wipe it and licked it clean. He then kissed me and said let's go to bed, we slept together that night and fucked and sucked each other in the morning.
"fucking hell that is some story, my cunt is soaking look" her fingers were in her hole and my cock was ready for a good hard fuck.the story does not end there because a few weeks later I came home from work and found jane on the sofa knickers round her ankles fingerings herself "I can't stop thinking about you sucking that guys cock,it makes me so horney, I rushed home to fuck myself"
"carry on, I will join you" I sat in the chair oppersite and pulled my cock out and we just looked at each other masterbate.
"I want to see you suck a big cock,would you like that?"
"I can think of worse things,but who?"
"I have been on the internet and found a escort agency who do what we need let's have a look at some gay porn together and you can tell me the kind of man you want to come in your mouth"
We lay on the bed watching two muscle guys fucking each other and said I would love to suck one of them guys.
The next week we had a nice meal and couple of bottles of wine when there was a knock on the door.
"surprise, must be your cock I ordered"
"are you joking?"
She got up and opened the door "this is mark he has come for you to suck his big cock,show him what you've got"
Mark pulled his t-shirt over his head his nipples had a stud through it his body was tanned and very muscular and very smooth just a few hairs from his navel down,he undone his jeans and kicked his boots off and turned his back on us and pulled them down and off,his arse was tight and in great shape I looked at jane she was enjoying the show his hand played with his cock and he then turned to us his prick was rock hard about 9 inches long and thick,I was a bit nervous and not sure what to do next,a Jane then said "suck the fucking prick or I will it look fucking delicious" I got to my knees and he walked over to me, he was only a couple of inches from my mouth I looked over to jane, she smiled and nodded, I opened my mouth and felt the tip of his cock enter my mouth after so long I must admit it did feel good and the thought of tasting his cum was making my cock very hard, suddenly I felf jane hand on my zip and she pulled my swollen cock free and took me in her beautiful mouth. I reached down to feel her and was surprised to find her naked,I cupped her breasts and squeezed her hard nipples in my fingers, suddenly I felt the cock in my mouth shudder and a jet of cum hit the back of my mouth this really was too much for me and I shot my cum into jane mouth she got off the floor and kissed me my mouth full of cum kissing hers full of cum, "I need a fuck give me cock in my cunt and arse now" I looked at mark his prick was ready and I could tell jane was ready too,"fuck her for me good and hard" he picked her up and lay her on the sofa pulled her legs apart and rammed his prick home good and hard her tits shaking with every thrust and her hair over her face in sweat, seeing these two sexy people fucking soon had me hard again and mark saw this and lay on his back and pulled jane on top I got behind her and likcked her arse hole cunt and not stopping till I licked the lengh of his cock coved in my wife's juice and balls in my mouth I then stood up and fucked jane up the arse as mark fucked her cunt for the second time I climaxed and so did mark, Jane let out a scream of pleasure,mark showered and left and jane and I went to bed "did that just happen " I asked "sure did and not for the last time either".
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