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tom davies
26 October 2014

Iíve been with my girlfriend for about 3 years now however after we had been together for about 2 months we went out for a meal one night.
The establishment where we chose to eat was located very near a red light area.
After we had finished our meal we decided to drive around the area in question and see what was going on.

Once we arrived at the above area, we saw many cars frequenting the road and quite a few girls getting in and out of cars.
While we parked, my girlfriend made comment that she could do what the girls I refer to were doing, so I said yes sure your winding me up, following these comments my girlfriend said are you daring me, so I said yes expecting her to bottle it.
With that she got out of the car and proceeded to walk a few feet down the road.
She then loitered by a large doorway then proceeded to walk a little further.
While this was going on I thought she was winding me up in view of my dare, however I was wrong.
As I looked on a car pulled up next to her and I saw her talking to the driver through the window.
At this point I still thought she was playing a game with me until I saw the door open and she got in to the car.
As the car drove of, I had mixed feelings as to whether she was winding me up and had let the driver in on my dare, or was she really going to fuck some guy.
As the car disappeared from sight and time went on, I began to think she really was off fucking as I would have thought if the guy was playing along he would have dropped her of just up the road and she would have returned by now.
As I waited, I began thinking of her being fucked stupid by the driver of the car.
She was dressed for the part to, wearing a low cut top, a short black skirt and high heals.
Underneath she was wearing skimpy knickers and stockings that were held up by a suspender belt.
To top of her appearance she also wore very red lipstick and lip-gloss.
Apart from the fact she was my girlfriend, she looked like an absolute slut.
After about half an hour she returned to the car and got inside.
I immediately questioned her as to what she had been doing, expecting her to confess that she had been winding me up and sat down the road or something, but she answered saying you know what.
She then produced what looked like a lot of money.
After further conversation and armed with the knowledge that she didnít have much money on her when we went out I realised she really had been fucked by the guy who picked her up.
As she spoke I was in shock with mixed feeling going through my mind of disgust and lust.
She went on to say that they had parked up in a quiet car park and that the guy handed her money.
She further said that following the above she took the guys cock in her hand a wanked him till he was hard.
She seamed a little embarrassed as I asked if she had sucked him, but confirmed she had after he had put a condom on.
She then went on to say that he fucked her on the front passenger seat, and that she loved every minute of it.
Her words were it was such a thrill to get fucked and paid.
As I listened Mr lust took over, and she stated how big his cock felt inside her, and how powerful he had shot in to my her horny cunt.
She also said that his cock was as stiff as a pole, which didnít surprise me, as my girlfriend is a natural redhead with matching pussy hair.
By all accounts his cock was in her very deep and she enjoyed herself no end.

After hearing all this my cock was erect and I was very turned on, however there was more to come.
Mt girlfriend then stated that the event turned her on so much, and was now as horny as hell, and wanted to do the same again.

Following reassurance from her that she had never charged men in the past for sex and that the incident was isolated, I agreed to her pursuing yet another cock on the proviso that the event would not destroy our relationship.

Following the above, I similarly watched her get in to another car, knowing without doubt that her legs would be wide open within minuets and her pussy would yet again be filled with another guys cock.

After she had driven off, I decided to go for a drive around the area, all the time thinking about what she had just done, and what she was just about to repeat and Mr lust took over.
I then found myself stopping to talk to a girl who was similarly out to pick up guys, and it wasnít long before I to, was fucking this slutís horny cunt.

On the way back, I explained to the girl what had happened throughout the evening, and asked if she minded if I drop her further up the road from ware I had picked her up, which wasnít far from ware my girlfriend had got picked up.

I asked the above as I didnít want my girlfriend to know what I had just done, and to this day she has no idea.

When I returned to where I was parked, my girlfriend was nowhere to be seen.
As I waited wondering ware she was, I was still thinking about what she had been getting up to although I was sexually calmer in view of my own actions.

As time went by, I became slightly anxious in view of the fact that almost an hour had gone by and she was no ware to be seen.
My concern was that she had returned in my absence and presumed I had left due to her actions.
When she eventually turned up, she said that she had returned earlier and that I was not there.
I quickly made my excuses stating that I had gone to a local garage to buy a drink and get a snack as I had become hungry as the night had progressed, however when I asked her ware she had been for the last hour, I was shocked even further by her reply.

It turned out that she had returned while I was absent and events with the second guy were somewhat similar to that of the first, however as she waited for me, another guy had stopped to pick up his fuck doll for the night.
She then went on to say that the guy in question was black.
Raging with lust she then stated that she couldnít resist fucking yet another cock and didnít think that I would mind in view of the fact that the night was a one off.
She additionally stated that she was getting cold while waiting for me.

My thoughts at this stage were if only you knew ware I really was; of which she bought my excuse hook line and sinker.

She then went on to show me all the money she had got which was considerable, and stated that she had gone further with this guy.
Upon questioning her on the above, she said that the guy wanted her to suck him without protection and additionally wanted to fuck her without any.
She further stated that he had offered to pay her more money for such a privilege.

My girlfriend then confirmed that in view of the above offer and the fact that she was so turned on that she had sucked his cock without a condom.
She also stated that she had always secretly wanted to have sex with a black guy and further said that his cock was enormous.
Upon hearing this Mr lust quickly returned and it wasnít long before my cock was straining again inside my pants.
The above lust was additionally enhanced of learning that she had both licked and sucked his bollocks.
By this I mean my girlfriend actually had his black testicules in her sluty mouth.

Although she claimed they didnít fuck without protection, it would not surprise me if she had in view of the fact that I later noticed what appeared to look like sperm on the top of one of her stockings.
In addition her hot cunt was socking wet and I further noticed a small discharge, which appeared consistent with a guyís spunk.

Following the above conversation we returned home and fucked like animals.
All the time we were fucking, she reiterated what she had done with each guy and told me additional details that she hadnít stated earlier such as they had her tits out and was sucking and on her nipples.
Other than the fact that my girlfriend confirmed that she had tasted the black guyís pre cum while sucking him off, one further detail came out that he had also eaten her horny cunt before fucking her.

Its fair to say that my girlfriend is a real slut between the sheets and it wasnít long upon learning of the above details that I was spunking deep in to her filthy twat.

The very thought of her having 3 cocks riding her fuck lips only a short time previous to that of my own cock proved to much to contain and I must say it was one of the best climaxes I have ever had in my life.

To this day I visualise the above guyís playing with her tits and fingering her horny cunt in addition to all the details stated.
Similarly I often wonder if they all spunked in her without protection.

Although she has since confessed to some very dirty stuff she got up to before we met, I very much doubt she will ever say anything different from what she told me in view of the fact that we were together at the time of the night in question.

So she may have her secret, but I definitely have mine.
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