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09 November 2014

In my last mail I described how I had traveled to England from America to meet a Dominant man who had then made me his sex slave and described my first night with him this is ho it continued for the next two weeks I hope you enjoy it.

After the first time he took me I knew I was his to do as he wished with, His Powerful but gentle manner had me in rapture, the way he had taken me without asking I felt it was as a sex slave should be used, and this alongside his disregard for my state of contraception by flooding me with his seed was such a turn on for me I wanted more regardless of the risk I was taking as I was just approaching my most fertile time, I didnt care that I wasnt using contraception it just felt right that he should use me like this.

I found myself reaching for his large slumbering manhood, gently stroking it before capturing it with my lips and taking it as deep as I could, lovingly sucking and kissing it as I felt it slowly start to regain its hardness. His powerfull maleness swelling in my mouth until he reached down and grasping a handful of my hair pushed me further on to it until it caused me to gag as it struck the back of my throat, he kept pushing and I felt it forcing its way down my throat stopping my breathing as it did so, he ignored my gagging and pushed my head against all my resistance until I felt his pubic hair around my nose, just as I thought I would start to pass out he allowed me to pull back and his manhood std erect before me. One day he said I will use your throat properly until I cum direct to you stomach, but now get on your hands and knees for me. As I did as I was tols he slapped my buttocks hard and at the same time I felt his cock against my wet and open pussy and he slid in easily I was that aroused and of course his sperm from earlier helped, as he started to fuck me he asked slut you asked if I would have done it differently if yu were not on contraception so tell me are you? When I told him I wasnt he said well it makes no difference to me I will still put my seed in you.

That alone made me orgasm. That night he fucked me 5 times and eachtime came in my Pussy. Somehow I knew he had made me pregnant as I was to find out later. I shall tell more in my next letter
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