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27 November 2014

We moved in to a nice street with a little old lady living next door, who after a couple of years moved in with her son and sold her home to a large family with 5 kids the mum was Mandy a very sexy woman who had an amazing figure how she kept so fit after the kids I will never know, the oldest daughter was 22 the youngest only 3 so Mandy was about 40, she was 5 6 tall and slim with brown short hair and a very beautiful face and an amazing body,her husband Ron was a truck driver and left home at 6 each morning and got home about 5 we had shard a few beers and all the families got on well, one hot august afternoon I was building a new kitchen for the wife and drilling and banging the old one out, I walked down the yard to get some more tools from the shed and happened to look over the fence Mandy was sat on a chair dressed in a green bikini, head back sunglasses on and I thought asleep. I walked in doors and rushed upstairs to look out the bedroom window to get a better look,she was still laying there a she looked very sexy,I don't know if it was the heat, the sight before me or if I was just turned on but I took my clothes off and stood there looking at her not sure what to do next I started to touch myself it only took a couple of strokes and my cock was rock hard, I needed to get a better view so slipped on a pair of shorts and a vest and walked back into the yard and called over the fence " hi Mandy hope I ain't keeping you awake with all my banging, " she looked over her glasses and said "don't worry it's fine it has to be done" I started to walk away when she said "had a good look have you?"I turned and smiled "was it that obvious " " yes I saw you looking when you walked up the yard and I saw you looking out the window,naked" "shit sorry I don't know what to say,you just look so fucking sexy laying there" "drink?" I climbed over the fence and sat next to her like a good dog waiting for a treat, she got up send walked in to the kitchen to fetch another glass and a cold beer her bikini bottoms had moved so one bum cheek was out and she made no effort to put it right.she came back and sat next to me and said "what do you think Ron will say about this,you looking at his wife and wanking off over her" "I didn't wank off over you, I just had sexy dreams of what's uneed that costume" "just because you didn't don't mean you won't it's early yet, come in side and get your cock out" I thought I had heard her wrong, she got up and walked to the back door "coming?" I followed her not sure if I should run or do as I was told, Mandy looked so sexy I had to follow, we walked in to the back door and she turned and she turned and said "strip" I pulled my shorts down and my top over my head and just stood there not sure what to do "move your hands I want to see your cock" I moved my hands and my dick moved and I could feel it getting harder, "wank now, I want to see you cum" I asked if I could touch her or would she take her costume off "no you wanted to jerk over me from your bedroom window so wank overy me here while I watch" she sat on the sofa in the kitchen and lay back "I will open my legs fir you but that's it" I took my cock in my hand and started to wank myself "I am turned on but not sure I can do this" Mandy pulled the straps off her shoulders and pulled her top down her nipples were rock hard and I felt my cock grow in my hand "can I touch you now, please" "no but I will touch myself if it helps and I think I want to hold your cock and feel how hard it is" I moved closer and her hands reached out and grabbed my balls her left hand moved down between her legs and moved inside her bottoms I couldn't see anything but her hand was moving in send out I could not hold back any longer and spank shot out my cock over her tits her belly and dripped all down her, she let out a grown and finished herself off, we both looked at each other then she stood up and stripped off her punk covers bikini walked over and put it in the washing machine turged to face me naked and leaned back "that was nice wasn't it" "sure was you really are so beautiful I could fuck you now" "do you want to fuck me now, get your big fat cock over here and do it then fuck me you cunt come on fuck me now a do it hard from behind fuck my wet cunt now"I walked over turned her round and over the work top and fucked her so hard my balls banging into her my cock going deeper and deeper at last I cum into her and she stood up with me still inside her I rubbed her tits and she turned her head and we kissed our tounges in each others mouths as she rubbed her cunt and cum on my cock. We stood there for awhile sweat dripping on our bodies, Mandy turned and we kissed again our naked bodies touching and at last we pulled apart.I looked at her and got dressed and walked to the door, we only ever fucked that once but we had no secrets from each other and enjoyed time together again. Just when we were feeling horney and a wank wouldn't do, without a helping hand.
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