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Vegas Baby
09 February 2015

We are at our resort, at the pool in the middle of the afternoon. The music is playing, and the pool is getting busy. We have been drinking (things always progress easier with alcohol!) and are in the pool. I am standing against the side, and you are in front of me with your ass against my cock, moving to the music. There are a lot of hot bodies around, and the feeling in the air is pure sex... Can you feel it? My cock is feeling rock hard, so I can't wait anymore, and whisper in your ear that I want you right now! We get out of the pool and race up to our room. We get in and strip off our clothes on our way to the bed. I pick you up and throw you onto the bed, and bury my face in between your legs. You taste so good, as I lick up and down your pussy, pausing to suck your lips into my mouth. I roll onto my back, and pull you on top of me in a 69, burying my face back in your sex. I feel your hand grab my cock, and your lips glide over the head and down my shaft... It feels so good! I can feel my cock deep in your throat as you bob up and down, while playing with my balls. You swing your pussy off my face, and position over my cock, sitting down on it and burying it deep inside you. You are so wet from my tongue and your natural juices.... You begin riding up and down on my cock, balancing yourself with your hands on my chest.... Your tits standing out and bouncing up and down. You look so good! I see movement over near the window, and see that there is a window washer watching us, with his mouth wide open! I decide not to say anything, and reach up and tweak your nipples. You are now leaning back, bouncing up and down with your eyes closed, rubbing your own tits... You are a sex goddess! I rub your clit with my thumb, and you begin to whimper, and start riding me harder, building up, until you slam down on me in a huge orgasm! You fall forward on my chest panting, so I flip you over, and begin fucking you slowly, missionary style. I whisper to you to look at the window, and you see the guy (young guy, good shape, dark hair) watching, with his hard cock out in his hand! Since this isn't the first time someone has watched us fuck, it doesn't throw you off... You reach down and start rubbing your clit as I fuck you. You have a wicked smile on your face, and you say, let's give him a real show... You push me off, get up and walk over to the lounger right in front of the window, laying down on it on your stomach, with your ass in the air. He is now only a few feet away, separated only by the big window. He has a perfect view of your pussy and ass, and I can see him staring right at it, licking his lips and pulling hard on his big cock. I walk over, get behind you on my knees and start licking your pussy. You start pushing back against my tongue, so that I am tongue fucking you. I get up and sink my cock in your pussy, and whisper in your ear that I love you. You say "I love you too, now fuck my ass, please?" Well, I am not going to keep you waiting, so I pump a little lube on my cock, put it right on your ass, and slowly push into you. The window washers knees go week when he sees this, and his hand is like a piston on his cock now. You are moaning how you love my cock in your ass, and rubbing your clit.... You ask if he likes it... I say " oh yeah, I think he is about to cum!". You say, "let me see it while you fuck my ass"... I love when you talk this way! I swivel you around, so you have your hands on the lounger with your face toward the window, and I am standing behind you with my cock going in and out of your ass. The guy moves over right in front of you... His cock is about a foot in front of you on the other side of the window, level with your swinging tits. He sees you looking at his cock, and wants you to have it in your mouth. He wants to be me, with my cock right inside your ass! You grab your tits and hold them up, and he can't take it and shoots his load all over the window... If it weren't there, it would have been all over your tits! I grab onto your hips and start fucking your ass harder, grunting that I am close to cumming. You tell me to pull out, you turn around on your knees and jerk me off all over your tits and neck. You then take your finger, scoop the last bit of cum off my cock, look the guy right in the eye, and lick it off your finger! With that, we close the blinds.....
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