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Long awaited threesome
14 May 2015

This is our story of our long awaited and extremely enjoyable threesome! It all started when our very good friend Adam split up with his girlfriend, you see it was good news for us well more for Scarlet really as for sometime my very sexy and naughty wife has had a lusting for our friend Adam. On many occasions Scarlet has mentioned how fun it would be for her me and Adam to get together as a threesome but the obstacle has always been Adams prude of a girlfriend who would never be party to such a thing! Well on their split my wife brought up the subject of a threesome yet again and I must admit the thought of seeing another guy fucking my wife while I watch was a big turn on so when a week later Adam suggested we go round to his place for dinner this seemed a good opportunity to see how we could make it happen. It turned out to be a fantastic result when Adam in conversation mentioned he wanted to take up photography again and said he was going to book a model from an agency in a couple of weeks to do a nude shoot and did I know any good locations for the shoot. This was a golden opportunity that I grabbed with both hands!! Don't book a model I said Scarlet will pose for you as Scarlet entered the room overhearing the conversation. I will pose for you Adam I insist and nude is fine with me giving me a wink and a beaming smile. We even have a location that will be perfect. Itís a deserted graveyard with woods behind it. I can make Saturday if you're free she said excitedly.
Saturday is good said Adam I look forward to it. I thought I bet you are knowing that Adam has always fancied my hot wife and if the intended plan went smoothly Adam was going to really enjoy himself that's for sure. Saturday soon came round and meeting us there at the graveyard on a hot sunny day things were looking good. Scarlet had spent the previous evening preparing herself for the shoot and possibly a sex session shaving her gorgeous pussy completely smooth bringing some skimpy lingerie to pose in to get Adam and I all excited. The shoot goes ahead and Scarlet is pulling out all the stops bending over in skimpy panties leaving nothing to the imagination. After several poses Scarlet removed her bra and threw it in Adams direction, I could feel my cock stiffen and looking over at Adam who blushed bright red, I could see a growing bulge in Adam's shorts too. I knew as soon as Scarlet removed those panties and revealed her beautiful pussy he would be putty in her hands. Scarlet can you take your panties off now we're both very eager to get you naked aren't we Adam?! Adam blushed again, Tony he said in hushed tones this is a bit embarrassing I don't think I can concentrate if Scarlet takes anymore off pointing to his crotch that by now looked a huge snake had emerged in his shorts I feel I could explode and laughed, maybe it call it a day mate. I said don't be daft just pop into the woods and have a quick wank ill just tell Scarlet you're going for a pee. Cheers Tony I'll be back soon and more focused he joked. This was our moment Scarlet hurriedly pulled down her panties and crept quietly into the woods to find him and fulfill her lust for his cock as she got wetter and juicer with each step, turning to me she said give me a little while then come and join us. There in the woods was Adam leaning against a tree with his shorts and pants around his ankles with his eyes closed unaware of Scarlet approaching Scarlet gasped as she saw the sheer size of his manhood in his hand stroking his smoothly shaven cock that much have been at least 8 inches long. Just as she drew almost near enough to reach out and touch his member he opened his eyes to see Scarlet in front of him dropping to her knees and without a word she took his huge cock in her hand and lowered her head engulfing it into her mouth

I was watching from the edge of the woods and witnessed a mind-blowing sight of my good friend getting a blow job from my hot wife as she sucked and licked his cock and with her other hand stroking his balls. Her tongue flicking at his helmet and occasionally stopping to spit on his twitching cock and then taking his entire length back in her mouth. I could my cock straining to get out my tightening shorts so I stripped off and slowly moved towards the sexy pairing. As I got closer Adam opened his eyes and looked at me with a huge smile. Are you joining in? Oh yes I said I think I need some of what you're receiving and I know Scarlet is in need of your big cock inside of her. She is dripping wet as I stroked her pussy and felt her wetness. Adam lay on the ground and Scarlet lowered her dripping wet cunt onto his ever ready cock. Scarlet then took hold of my dick and proceeded to suck and lick my hard cock while riding Adam slowly at first then quicker and harder while moaning loudly the scene just looked so good I canít describe how good it felt to have my gorgeous wife turned into a sexy slut. I couldn't contain myself any longer I felt my cock twitch as I unleashed a flood of cum into Scarlet's mouth and she guzzled it down like the greedy girl she is. I stepped back and watched as Scarlet was getting a hard fucking. Get on all fours Scarlet so Adam can give your cunt a good pounding. My wife did as she was duly told and got on all fours and Adam entered her hard thrusting into her and spanking her bum hard too.Scarlet was loving it and kept telling Adam she was a naughty girl and to spank her harder he was more than happy to oblige! Adams huge dick was deep inside her and he was fucking her harder and faster After a few more hard thrusts he came inside her violently filling her smooth pussy with his spunk Scarlet climaxed at the exact same moment dropping on her belly with cries of ecstasy,then rolling on to her back Scarlet lay there looking very satified with herself indeed!
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