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25 May 2015

I have just entered my 40's and even If I say so myself, I still look pretty good. I can still turn heads in the street when I walk. I am married with a couple of kids and am very happy. My husband loves when I wear nylons especially when I don't wear any knckers. He loves to see my pussy through my tights, it turns him wild. At first I didn't understand this, however due to the great sex we have because of him liking me in nylo, my orgasisms are amazing as he can't get enough of me when I wear tights. I suppose he has a fetish but I love it. We are always looking for new ways to get us going so one day he suggested that I flash my nyloned pussy to unsuspecting men. At first I wasn't sure about this, however the more I thought about it the more I liked the idea of making other men horny. We decided to target truck drivers, guys who are on the road away from home and most likely feeling horny and seeing a female (me) flash her pussy through nylon should make their cocks hard. The day came when my husband and I would hit the road and for me to show of my pussy through my tights. I was so excited that my pussy was moist at the thought. I slipped into a pair of nice silky brown tights, no knicker, and a knee length black floaty skirt. As we entered the motorway we saw our first lucky trucker up ahead. My tummy had butterflies at what I was about to do. Our car drew alongside this truck level with the cab. I looked up at the driver who was a hansom guy. I caught his eye then I lifted my skirt and parted my legs. His face was a picture. I exposed my moist pussy through my nice silky brown tights. Our car stayed alongside the truck until I was sure I had gave the driver a decent eyeful. We then drove off. My pussy was so wet, it was leaking onto my tights making them all wet. I reached over and felt my husbands bulge and his cock was fully erect. I was loving every second of our new passtime. I took out his hard leaking cock and to stroke it slow at first then I wanked him faster and faster until he was about to explode then I stopped. I had done all the work and I wanted paid. When we got home, my husband grabbed both my shoulders and pushrd me against the wall just inside the hall. He lifted my skirt up and with one hand ripped open my tights. He then took out his big erect cock and slipped it into my ready and waiting moist pussy. We both climaxed at the same time and I could feel his cum being pumped into me. I hope the trucker was pleased with his free show. I imagine him wanking his hard dick at the thought of what he saw. My husband and I do this at least once a month now. Our sex life is simply amazing. I recomend this big time.
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