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Breaking in my wife
06 December 2015

Well My wife and I have been very sexual during our married life and have been completly honest with one another about our desires,
A friend and his wife had split up because she met a guy and had a short affair with him
We felt sorry about that because they were good friends and one night after that Le Ann and I were laying in bed talking after sex when their name came up She asked me what would you do if I ever had sex with another guy.
I patted her pussy and said nothing if you would let me watch.
She punched my shoulder and laughed then she asked no really what would you do.
I became cautious now and asked have you ? She said no but I have thought about it from time to time.
I laid there silently absorbing that bit of information for awhile then asked would you want to do it If I agreed.
She turned on her side looking at me and said well first off sex is just sex. I love you very much but yes I am curious about it.
I wonder what it would be like to have another man inside of me.
I had to absorbe this now and I found that I was strangly excited .
Le Anne noticed my growing erection and asked is this getting you excited.
I laughed now and admitted that it was.
I asked do you want to do it ? and Le Ann blushed and asked would you mind? I said What would you look for in a man if I said go ahead.
She laid back and said he would have to be clean of course not nessarily handsome because he would just be a throw away what do you think.
I started to play with her breasts wondering what it would be like to watch another man do this and I said we can talk about this later as I rolled over and mounted her.
As we fucked she asked me and what kind of a guy would you want to watch me with ? I was slowly stroking into my wife as we talking and said a black guy with a big cock.
She laughed as her body began to respond to me .
She asked really grunting as we hunched and I grunted ugh huh a very black guy with a monster cock .
I could hear her harsh breath in my ear then sae said I,m cumming and wrapped her arms and legs around me as her body shuddered in realease with her soft coos in my ear.
I came within seconds and I lay on top of her gasping for breath our bodys were slick with persperation.
I wasent sure af what she whispered to me so I asked her to repeat it.
He face was buried in the crook of my arm but this time I heard her say OK I will if you want me to.
For the next several days we talked about this excursion and she made me promise not to boot her out if we did this.
I was in a constant state of being horny as we searched the internet for a willing man.
In desperation I tried Craigs list and found a guy that looked good to us.
He lived in Vallejo and we Live in Yuontville so it was close enough.
We arranged fr a meeting but the guy was a dud he was filthy and his pants hung down around his ass like a hood so we told him sorry and left.
Another guy looked good and he was from fairfield and we arranged to meet with him.
Le Ann stayed in the car this time to let me check him out Bingo I liked him at first glance He was in the Air Force and very clean. He and I talked for awhile then I had him wait until I brought le Anne in.
We moved to a back booth for privacy and she began asking him questions she sounded kind of like she was buying a car.
She even asked how big his cock was .
Then she turned to me expectantly and said OK when ?
I looked over at him and asked if he was free for a few hours and I watched a slow smile curve my wifes lips as she asked now ? you mean today ? her eyes flashed with excitement.
I said why not ? She looked from him to me glancing at his crotch frutivly a predators smile now on her face.
I forgot to mention his name it is Doug and he is from Virginia.
Well he redily agreed saying that he was free until the next day.
Le Ann said there is a motel 6 in Vallejo where hyw 37 goes through town as she stood up taking his hand and pulling him toward the door.
I told him to leave his car here and I would bring him back for it later,
He and Le Ann got into the back seat and my wife attacked him.
I looked into the rearview mirror and she was almost on top of him her mouth was open and she was sucking on his tongue noisily.
I was surprised but excited myself
I had to force muyself to watch the road but I would glance into the mirror from time to time I heard my wife gasp and looked quickly in the mirror ,
Doug had freed ont of her breasts and was sucking on it.
I almost lost control of my driving It was broad daylight and my wife was shamelessly sitting on his lap facing him feeding him her breasts i know that the people driving beside us had to see what was going on.
I finally pulled into a parking spot a ways from the office and told them to wait here as I registered for a room I was ignored as they continued mauling each other
It only took a few min,s to register then I drove to our parking spot they were still going at each other hot and heavy.
I said we are here and they reluctantly parted.
Le Ann took my arm her hair and lipstick was in disaray and she was breathing raggedly.
She whispered his cock is huge as we moved to our room.
Once inside she attacked him again trying to unbuckle his belt as they kissed Her blouse was disguarded now and her nipples were hard little nubs as I watched his black lips suck on them.
She stood in front of him letting him nurse her until she said get my cloth tape out of my purse I want to measure his dick.
I had never heard he talk this way before.
She said I am going to fuck you silly black man and pulled his rigid cock out of his shorts she quicly kneeled in front of him looking at his swollen cock she said OH MY GOD look at him honey he is fucking huge as she measuerd his cock her hands shaking in excitement She exclaimed 9 1/2 inches oh fuck baby his cock is 9 1/2 inches and almost as big around as my wrist.
She was almost drooling now and her mouth opened sucking the head of his didk.
I almost came watchinf her suck his giant cock head then she stood impatiently and pushed him back on the bed.
Doug crabbed backwards his pants around hios knees as Le Ann cr4awled on top of him lifting her skirt and pulling her panties to one side as she raised up above his hips and guiding his cock to herr opening she setteled down on him she gasped arching her back as his dick head disapeared into her
she sat like thas for seconds then befgan to force more of his cock into her
I watched her as her hips moved from side to side ass she lowered her body onto him

she grunted with effort as this huge piece of meat entered her tight pussy.
This was the most erotic thing I have ever watched and when she setteled in his lap with only his balls showing she began to heis up and drop back down his shaft in jerky movements she did this her greath getting even moire ragged until sher grunted I,m cumming and her body shook with her release her shoulders slumped and her hands rested on his chest as she came.
I watched spell bound then she raised up again and I could see his dick slimy with her fluids I think she may have still been cumming the way her body jerled and her gasps of lpeasure,
I stood at the foot of the bed and I took

dougs shoes off and pulled his pants off one leg at a time as he hunched his ass off the bed now fucking my wife instead of the other way around.
After his legs were freed he rolled my wife onto her back and she wrapped her arms and legs around him as his ass rose and fell in between her legs Le Ann cooed and mewled in contentment as they fucked .
Doug was fucking her in long slow strokes and her legs were up over his shoulders with every stroke od his body herknees would would jerk and her feet would point toward the ceiling.
Icouldent tear my eyes off them this was the best porn I ever watched I realised that at some point I had cum in my pants They were whispering to each other and I heard my wife ask if he was goingto cum and he asked if he could cum inside of her she said of course I want you to cum in me.
Doug began to fuck her faster now his hips raising and falling with the sloppy sounds of their juicy pubic areas slapping against each orher I heard my wif encouraging him asying cum in me baby cum in me
Doug went AH AHHH Ahhhhh Oh shit as he rammed his dick deep into her Le Ann had his ass cheeks holding him in her tightly as he shot his wad into her He would stroke very fast then jam his body against my wife grunting then lay there like that for seconds pressing his body to my wife then furiously begin to strok his dick into her and cum again.
Le Ann came while he was doing this.
I watched them feeling strangly like I was intruding into their privacy.
I was ashamed and I left them alone.
I drove into town and stopped at butrger King and Bought us all a double whopper meal then went back letting myself back in
Le Ann and Doug were sitting on the bed talking they were both nude now and they eseamed to be having a good time.
They were happy to see the meal and gobbeled it down ravenpusly while we talked Le Ann said wow thank you hom god his cock is big I want to fuck him again do you want to watch as she ate with one handand fondeled his cock with the other hand.
Of course I wanted to watch Le Ann told me that she had never been with a guy that came as much as Doug did We talked until they finished eating then it was up to me to clean up the trash as they were once again going at it.
Well Le Ann got her first black man and it took all night.
I finally fell asleep in the other bed but woke up in the morning with the sound of their bed banging against the wall.
Poor Doug could hardly walk his dick was so sroe. He walked all hunched over like an old man.
Since that time though I have watched her with several more guy.s and she is ready now for her second bbc
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