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Worth The Wait
26 May 2016

Funny how you can know someone for years and never know that their cordial tongue has the ability to make your thighs quiver. I'd be lying if I had said I had longed for him over the years. I never really thought about it. Courteous hellos and a distant Facebook friendship. He always gave me those 'once overs'. The ones where I knew he wished he'd had x-ray vision.
The first time we'd gone out together, I felt him out. Played coy because I wasnt sure what to expect. But after that I knew I wanted him. On the second date,after a few drinks, I couldnt keep my hands or my tongue off him. All over the backseat, driver looking at us in the rearview mirror.
We couldnt find a hotel room so we went to his house. He said he wanted me now. I followed him to his bedroom. Its dark, except for the glow from the tv. I pulled off my dress. I am totally prepared, I'm wearing a burgundy lace bra set. I lived for the look on his face. Sheer delight, so I spin around. He just kept going on about how sexy I was.
I felt like I had to prove myself after the first date. I wasn't nervous.
I lay him on the bed and I kiss him. On the lips, neck,chest, belly button, all the way down to his cock. I cant help but admire how sexy he is. I can tell he doesn't work out, but I loved his natural muscle tone.
Anyway, I play no games with him. I take his dick in my mouth. Inch by inch. All of it. I devour it. In and out of my mouth, all the way to my throat. Until I see his body convulsing. I don't want him to cum yet so I stopped.
He flipped me over onto my back. He pulls my panties down. Practically rips them off. He squeezes my thighs slightly as he raises them. He kissed
all over the top part of my pussy. My inner thighs, then finally swirls his tongue around my clit. I felt like I was going to cum right there in his face. He strummed my clit with his tongue at varying speeds, I felt the honey just pouring out of my pussy. He made me so wet. He had to stop and put a towel under me.
When he finally stopped my legs were shaking and I was doing a horrible job of holding my cum. He slipped on a condom and slid into me. Right into my fucking g-spot. His dick wasnt huge. It was average sized. Thats enough for me really. Had he been any bigger, I probably would have tapped out.
He gives long strokes in missionary. He digging so deep I want to run but I can't because it feels so good.
My pussy is making and extra wet,splashy sound. Like the sound mac cheese makes when you stir it. He pushed my legs all the day back. My knees were by my ears. I couldnt help but to watch his cock go in and out of me.
We changed positions so fast. I somehow ended up on top. That did last long. About ten hops from me and we had to switch again. Doggystyle. I swear I felt every single inches as he pounded away. An ass cheek in each a hand as he dug deeper and deeper still. I buried my face in the pillows because by this point I'm screaming. He squeezed my waist bringing me back to him. I couldn't hold it anymore so I cum. Splash! All over him. Midstroke, so as I squirted it splashed all over my ass and all over his midsection. He was done after that. He popped into the condom and I just lay there with my ass in the air. Legs numb, pussy still throbbing. It was well worth the wait
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