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Holly Day
25 August 2016

My partner & myself were on holiday I'm 40 blonde & have a shaved pussy & nipples to die for to go along with a sexy/dirty look!
My fantasy was to be watched & masturbated over by either a man, a woman or a cpl or even a group of guys!
We had been to the same place on holiday for a few years & earned the temptation to go to a venue so that I could exhibit myself to strangers.
The thought of opening my legs wide as I could while rubbing my moist clit & slipping a finger or three into my pussy turned me on.
I also fantisied in having my arse penetrated & loved just touching myself there.
My partner liked the thought of us being watched, and also liked the thought of me being pleasured by someone else.
One day we decided to go for a drive after lunch to find a sucluded area to sun bath & maybe have some fun. I'd already drunk a bottle of wine & put on my shortest skirt with no knickers in hope for a fun time.
We didn't have to drive far & found a quiet rocky area with access to the sea. We set our towels down & quickly had a drink. I was now well oiled & very horny!
We looked around & we seemed to be alone, we quickly stripped off and lay down on our towels.
I asked my partner to put sun cream onto me, I lay on my back with my legs spread wide. He slowly started to run cream onto my tanned body, on my stomach up to my breasts. My nipples were as hard as they had ever been & very sensatitve, his touch was gorgeous & I felt so turned on! Slowly his hand slipped down to my pussy. I felt his finger brush my clit & drew breath! Then he started to rub my clit slowly, getting some lubrication by slipping a finger down to my wet, shaven cunt!
Slowly he had my clit & cunt covered while I grabbed his hard cock & started to wank it.
I then caught in the corner of my eye someone was watching us from behind a bit of scrub. I couldn't believe I was being fingered by my partner while wanking him off but being watched by a stranger.
I should have been shocked but found myself opening my legs wider, it was turning me on being watched & wanked over.
I told my partner that we were being watched by a guy & will you fuck me.
He slid beside me & pushed his hard cock into my soaking wet cunt.
He started to slowly push into me as we watched the stranger wank, then to my surprise the stranger walked towards us. I was a bit nervous as was my partner but as we kissed he came closer.
I slowly reached out and took his hard cock in my hand & slowly started to wank him. I felt totally turned on as my partner fucked me & I had a hard cock in my hand.
I took his cock into my mouth & started to suck him,
Sucking a strangers cock inches from my partners face turned me on so much.
As I licked & sucked in front of him he seemed to fuck me harder.
My partner then pulled out of me, he positioned me on top of the other guy & slowly pushed myself onto his hard cock, I knew what was coming & had fantisied about it. Slowly my partner pushed his hard cock into my arse & began fucking me in rhythm to our friend. Oh my god it was wonderful & I could feel myself building to orgasm. As I came I felt cum being shot up my arse & pussy. The best orgasm I'd ever had!
I just wanted to be licked clean, please form a queue!
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