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24 October 2016

Hi guys. My name is Jeff. I'm 44, I have a thick 9 inch cock, and I am married to the filthiest slut alive. Her name is Debbie and she is 42, short black hair, brown eyes, huge, fake DDD tits, a tight body, with a great little round ass, and long, sexy legs that she keeps in great shape mostly by holding them apart and up in the air while letting strangers and her favorite herd of big dicked bulls (15-16 strong) fuck her tight, wet pussy as well as her tight, willing asshole until they blow their big, hot loads of jizz into whatever hole they're abusing. Besides loving DP's and having her holes used, she also absolutely loves sucking dick and swallowing cum, or letting her stud blast his load all over her cumslut face. If you think it bothers me that she likes to let other guys fuck her, you would be dead wrong. I love it.
We were set up by an old girlfriend of mine 3 yrs. ago, who knew what a deviant pervert I am, and she told me that her old friend, Debbie, was the biggest, dirtiest, fucking whore she'd ever met. On our 1st date, after quickly hitting it off over dinner and drinks, she told me, "Look, Jeff, I like you, so I;m gonna be totally honest here. If you're looking for a good little girlfriend to take care of you and be true to you, I'm not her. I love cocks, and I love to fuck and suck all the dick I can get. If you wanna be with me, you need to be able to handle me doing other guys. I need a man who is turned on by going down on me after I just got fucked by another guy, and will eat another guy's cum out of my just fucked, stretched out, cum soaked pussy not just to make me happy, but because he likes it, and it gets him hot doing it. Do you think you can handle that?" I thought about it for a minute, and realized that I had always been attracted to slutty women who gave it up to everyone just because they loved cock and fucking, and Debbie was even more of a fucking whore than any other slut I'd ever known, and that turned me on. Then I thought about her wanting me to eat another guy's cum from her pussy, and remembered that I had tasted strange cum before. My 1st wife, Kimmy, and I had done a fair share of swinging before she passed away 9 yrs. ago, and she used to get so fucking hot when she made me kiss her after she just let they guy we were partying with shoot his load in her mouth, and it always turned me on, too. It made me feel like a dirty slut, and I liked it. So after a bit I told Debbie, "You know, I really like you. You're smart, funny, sexy, and I like a woman that will admit that she loves dick and getting fucked. You are a Dirty Slut, and I like it. I have thought it through, and I would be honored if you would allow me to suck another guy's jizz out of your pussy."
Debbie smiled at me, winked, and said, "Good! Cindy said you were kinky, and also that you have a nice big dick. It would be nice to have a relationship with a cute, honest, open guy, but I have to admit that, in addition to that, he has to have a big dick. I love big dicks. There's nothing like sucking a big, thick cock, or letting a big dick fuck my holes and use me for the dirty spunk slut that I am. Let's get out of here."
We left the resturaunt, and Debbie asked if I'd like to go see her best friend, Tara, who bartended at her Aunt Paula's titty bar. I agreed and we headed that way. Within 2 minutes of that, Debbie leaned over, reached over to my lap, unzipped my pants, pulled out my cock, and began stroking it while talking dirty to me as I drove. "Oohh! Cindy was'nt lying. This big. You have a nice cock, Jeff. Oh yeah, it's getting nice and hard, now. Damn, it's thick! Have you ever measured your dick when it's hard? How long does it get?" I told her that it was a full 9 inches when hard, and that if she liked cum, she would love my thick 9 inch dick, because I shoot a huge load of hot, creamy, white cum, and especially loved to use my big load to decorate a sexy, dick sucking, slut's
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