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Cuckold Cumslut pt. 2
24 October 2016

I was telling the story of my dirty, whore cumslut wife, Debbie, and how we met and she turned me into a cum loving cuck slut hubby, and accidentally hit the submit button. Ooops! Well, I guess I'll pick up where I left off. Debbie and I were driving to her friend Tara's Aunt Peggy's titty bar where Tara was bartending, and as we drove, Debbie had pulled out my big, thick 9 inch dick and was jacking me off as I told her about my huge cum loads, which really got her turned on. We pulled into the titty bar parking lot, and I parked about 30 ft. from the door. Debbie told me not to move, then got out of the car, came around to my side, opened my door, turned me so I faced out the door towards her, squat down between my legs, and continued pumping my big, meaty dick, while moaning and talking dirty. She stopped for a minute to unbutton her white blouse, unhooked her bra, and let her big (fake) tits out, wrapping them around my stiff rod before resuming her stroke job on my dick. It was then that I noticed 4 or 5 guys smoking outside the bar door watching us intently. I nudged Debbie, who turned, looked at them, then said to me, "Don't you like it when other people watch?" I shook my head no, and Debbie turned to the strangers, and said, "Come on over and watch, if you want to, fellas." They all walked over, gathered around her, and watched as she jacked my rock hard 9 incher with obvious enjoyment, all of them rubbing their own dicks through their jeans as they watched. One of them, a big biker dude, at least 6' 6" said, "Hey Debbie! Looking good! I was wonderinh if you might have some time later tonight." She looked up at him while jacking me off, and said, " not tonight, Rocky. Why don't you stop by my office tomorrow about 2:30, and I'll suck you off, ok?" After he agreed, she turned back to my dick, and still pumping expertly, asked me, "Are you ready to cum yet, baby?" I shook my head no, to which she said, "If you don't mind, is it ok with you if I suck your cock to make you cum? I want to show you what every guy I've ever sucked already knows. That I am the best cocksucker ever, and to show you how much I like to make big dicks shoot their cum in my mouth and all over my slut face." With that, she moved down and wrapped her lips around my big dick, and went to work on it, proving that she was right about being the best cocksucker ever. She worked it with her wet mouth and tongue, then, without warning, pushed her head down on my tool, swallowing every bit of my thick 9 inch cock down her throat, without so much as a cough or any gagging at all. Within 4-5 minutes, her amazing mouth had me ready to bust my nut. I took my cock in my hand, stroking it firmly, and asked her if she was ready for my huge load of hot jizz, and if so, where did she want it? She moaned loudly that she was ready for my hot cum, and asked me to shoot my load all over her dirty, slut face. By now, there were about 8 guys watching Debbie as she begged me to cum in her face, and as I stroked my dick to orgasm, they began cheering her on. "Come on, Slut! Suck that big dick! Let him blow his load all over your face, you fucking whore!" I could easily see how much it got Debbie off when the onlookers cheered her on and it was the thing that tipped me over the edge, and as I pumped my big dick, I began to cum, my 1st 3 ft. long, thick stream of hot sperm blasted from my big dick, hitting Debbie squarely on her front teeth of her open mouth, splashing off into her mouth and all over her full, plump lips. I had warned her that I always shoot a huge load, and that night I was true to my word. The next big blast off hot cum hit her upper lip right under her nose, my spunk covering her mouth and some even going up her nose. She never missed a beat. She turned her cum coated face up towards me, and said lustily, "Shoot that hot jizz all over my fucking dirty whore face, you dirty prick!", just as my next cum blast hit her dead center in the forehead, splashing my thick cum all over face. I shot 5 more long, thick spurts of hot, thick, pearly white cum all over Debbie's slut face, and when I finally stopped cumming, her sexy face was covered with my thick, white cum. All the guys watching stopped rubbing their dicks and began clapping and cheering loudly for Debbie's amazing cock pleasing performance, and as they did, Debbie looked up into my eyes and smiled, revealing the large, thick wad of my jizz that had landed in her open, waiting cumslut mouth. She worked my cum wad around in her mouth, savoring the taste, she said, them pushed it all up between her lips and letting it dribble out of her mouth and down her lips and chin, finally stopping at her chin, so that she had a 1 1/2 inch long string of my cum hanging down from her chin. She smiled as she stood up facing me with her wet, sexy face covered in my sperm. She whispered
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