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Limo ride
Russ & Lisa
27 November 2016

For extra money my wife Lisa, and I Russ, do some limousine service for an exclusive client tell of senior citizens who are all filthy rich! We drove to lax to pick up a Mr. Jones who was 83 years old a retired investment broker. We held up the sign with his name on it never seeing him before. Soon he appeared and smiled broadly as he saw our sign. Hello I am Mr. Jones and you must be Russ and Lisa? Yes sir I replied and we were soon driving back to San Diego about a two hour drive from lax.
We exchanged small talk on the way home and Mr. Jones and Lisa seemed to
Hit it off well. He was quite charming and very intelligent with a good sense of humor. He really didn't come across as 83 years old very in tune and quick for all of his years.
About 30 minutes from his million dollar mansion there was a deafening silence when he finally asked if he could ask us a very personal question and to please not be offended by his inquiry! Ok, I replied what's on your mind Mr. Jones?
Well once a year 5 of my oldest friends and I get together at my home for a 4 hour pool tournament starting at 8:00 am until 12:00 noon. Now for the past 4 years we had our good friend holly to be our hostess. Well Holly is getting married in a couple months and her new husband doesn't want her to hostess our tournament anymore, even though for 4 hours work she on average takes home 3 to 4 thousand dollars! So unfortunately it is up to me to find a new hostess and I was just wondering if you two knew any women who might like to take or audition for the job?? She doesn't have to be perfect only requirement is a nice positive attitude and williness to make bonus money!!
Lisa and I looked at each other and tried not to crack up laughing! Well Mr. Jones a few questions are with standing. Now what kind of hostess are you asking for because to make 3 to 4 thousand dollars in 4 hours is a lot of cash just for serving cocktails and re-racking the pool balls after each game? And what exactly is bonus money?
All fair questions Mr jones replied. Ok to make a long story short Holly would start out in a teddy and as each hour expired she would remove a little bit of garments until the last hour she would be totally nude except for some high heels. Now before you prejudge me let me just say than at the age we are all in the only thing left for us as far as anything sexual is only a visual of the nude female, and even so some of us will still have a hard time seeing because our eyesight is that far gone!! That made us all laugh as we pulled into his multi-million dollar mansion driveway.
Part 2 to follow
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