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08 January 2017

Hi guy's! My mane is Jill. I'm 42 yrs. old, with long brown hair, hazel eyes, and what my husband, Harry, likes to tell our fuck friends, are full, plump, dick sucking lips, which I like to demonstrate every chance I get, mostly with my best friend, Sandy's husband, and my husband's best friend, Dale. I suck Dale off at least 4 or 5 times a week, sometimes every day of the week, wrapping my DSL's tightly around his sweet 8" long dick when he blows his hot, creamy cum in my dirty mouth, which I then swish around my mouth to savor his tangy, salty flavor, before swallowing every drop in 1 big gulp. My husband, Harry, does'nt mind, because as much as fuck with Dale, He is getting his fat 9" dick sucked by my sexy best friend, Sandy, and fucking her tight, wet pussy, and dumping his big loads in her mouth. At least twice a week we all get together, sometimes with other couples as well, and enjoy the pleasures of the flesh, no holes barred, literally. It is during these group fucks that my inner whore breaks free, and I become an insatiable fuck slut, with a almost uncontrollable passion to be the dirtiest fuck whore alive. It was during one of these orgies about 12 yrs. ago that I discovered my complete lust for having my asshole fucked and creamed. I also discovered that I have a talent for taking cock up the ass. I can take about 7 inches of dick in my pussy before it bottoms out and rams my cervix, but I can, and have, taken a extremely thick, 12 inch black cock balls deep in my slut poop chute. I love letting guys grab my hips, or ass, and pump their big dicks up my ass and feeling their balls slapping against my dripping twat each time they bottom out their cock up my ass, until I feel their body twitch in ecstasy, and they bury their entire cock in my shitter while they dump their hot, sticky load deep inside my ass. It is they only thing that can make me cum as hard as when a gut dumps a load in my mouth.
It seems that lately though, word has gotten around in Harry and I's little circle of fuck friends about my anal prowess, and I've been taking alot of cock up my ass lately. My hubby, Harry, also loves getting his sloppy seconds and loves to fuck my cum filled shitbox after his friends dump their loads kin my stretched out butthole. In fact, as I write you guys this story, I have to confess that I am sitting in a growing puddle of slimy fuck sauce that is slowly seeping out of my recently shared, cumslut asshole, from my Harry, Dale, and 2 of their friends. I feel like such a dirty whore, and I love it. Being a filthy whore makes me cum. Now, if I can just talk Sandy into sucking my pussy while I type, everything will be perfect. She had wanted to suck each guy's dick clean after they nutted up my ass, but I claimed them as my whore prize, and passionately sucked each cock clean as I let the next dick in line fuck my whore ass, tasting and savoring every delicious drop of their meat juice. In fact, after letting Harry and Dale's 2 buddies use me, I straddled Harry's thick 8" shaft, riding him in ecstasy as Dale pressed the head of his pretty, 9" long cock into my open shithole, and slid all 9" of his beautiful dick into my open, jizzy asshole. After they double teamed me for a few minutes, I felt Harry slip his dick from my cunt, then lift me up until I was straddling Dale reverse cowgirl, sliding my asshole up and down on him. Suddenly, Harry grabbed my hips and held me from bouncing, about 1/2 of Dale's cum coated dick still in me, then Harry laid his big dick against Dale's, pressed his cockhead against my hole, grabbed my hair roughly, and said, "Take it, you fucking whore!", then slammed every inch of his swollen shaft up my ass next to Dale's. As Dale held my ass up so it was positioned for them, Harry and Dale began to work in unison, the 2 of them double fucking my ass, stretching me open wider than I've ever been before. This was my 1st time taking 2 cocks in my ass, and although at 1st, it hurt like hell, I felt like such a fucking dirty fuck pig, I could'nt stop cumming, over and over. After about 10 minutes of their big dicks fucking my ass, I heard Dale moan that he was cumming, and saw Harry's face twist with pleasure as he began cumming also. Harry is such a dirty slut himself, and admitted to me later, while I sucked his dick, that his cock had never been harder than it was when he pressed his big cock against Dale's big cock to fuck my ass, and feeling his cock sliding across his buddy's hard dick had gotten him off ass much as the 2 of them cornholing me did. But he said what his favorite part of it all was when Dale started cumming, with both pf them balls deep in me, and he felt Dale's hot cum squirting all over his cock as it pressed against his. Harry said that feeling Dale's 1st cum blast against his dick was what pushed him past the edge, causing him to cum harder than he ever had before. In fact, they both admitted to that, and I could'nt argue against it, because after they both nutted, and pulled out their cocks, I watched the biggest wad of thick, white, creamy cum slide out of my stretched out asshole, dropping with a loud, gooey smacking sound right on the top of Dale's luscious 9" dick just below the head, and slide down his dick towards his balls, slowly. As I had grabbed Harry's cock as he pulled out, and was ho;ding it, I quickly guided it down against Dale so that the undersides of their cocks pressed together, and began sliding Harry's cock across Dale's and through the huge, thick cum wad oozing down Dale's cock, until both were covered in a thick shiny coating of their mixed together cum. It was beautiful. As I moved up and took their cocks in my mouth to clean them off, I watched as Harry's friend, Jim, and Dale's friend, Ed, stood on each side of my beautiful, sexy best friend, Sandy as she frigged her clit in ecstasy, watching her husband and mine as I licked and slurped their cum coated penises until my mouth was so full I could'nt get any more into it. As I sucked, I watched her play with herself, as Jim and Ed, began slapping her pretty face with their still swollen, but semi-hard dicks on her face, until she turned her face and began alternating sucking their cocks. What a fucking night!
By the way, Sandy agreed to eat my cum drizzled pussy, as long as I read out loud as I was typing for the last 10 minutes, so I sit here now, my asshole sore, stretched out, and oozing gism, as my sexy, redheaded BFF sucks my cunt. I am such a Butt Slut Fucking Whore and I Love It!
So, if you ever find yourself in northern central Pennsylvania, and you see a mature, big titted, sexy mature woman, with long brown hair, hungry eyes, and dick sucking lips, it may just be me, and if you're brave enough to ask me plainly and respectfully, I will not only suck your cock harder than it's ever been, I may even let you assfuck me and let you cum deep inside my Butt Slut Whore shithole.
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